Hecate Magazine’s BIRTH Anthology: Prose Poem Published

Hecate Magazine literary and poetry journal

a violent world demands a violent birth

An anthology that simmers with suffering, shame, loss, strife and yet, unparalleled strength – all that makes us human in an increasingly inhumane world. A body of work that houses the inhospitable. A series of truths and fictions that cycle through beginnings, ends and rebirths in a phoenix fashion.– Hecate Magazine

Hecate Magazine was the first online poetry and literary magazine that accepted my work for publication. It took the longest to publish as they chose to include it in their first PRINT anthology!

It surprised me and it was such an honour to be chosen for their first print issue!

It is the most stunning poetry magazine I have seen in a long time and I am so overjoyed to be associated with a magazine named after a goddess whom I work with in my witchcraft & priestess ceremonies.

The name Hecate is also the origins of my name ‘Katie’. Hecate is the goddess of the crossroads, her name means ‘Each of two’ which represents her ability to cross between two realms.

She is a bridge between worlds. She helps the lost crossover. She was one of the few female deities who Zeus respected because she could never be captured, ultimatley she was free to roam.

To be able to fuse my witchyness with poetry is a massive dream come true. I look forward to receiving my copy of the anthology in the mail soon! I am so grateful!

This prose poem is magical realist, with Romani incantations (My ancestry is Romani) It is also about the death of a relationship between yourself and the one who gave birth to you because they’re clouded by their sorrows and addictions.

The decay of the dream house is a reflection of that life-death-rebirth cycle in life and relationships…

Letting the wild destroy that dream in order to create life via roses and wild flowers.

You can read the PDF version of my poem and you can also clink on the link on the last page of the PDF to purchase a digital copy as all print pre-orders are now closed.

Hecate Magazine: My poem~ When the Roses pulled the House down.

Follow Hecate magazine, they’re amazing: Hecate Magazine

I am happy to announce I am officially a professional published poet and I am securing a book publishing deal for my upcoming poetry book with a publishing company!

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