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Imbolc Beginnings

Imbolc, word witch

I spent most of 2021 living a quiet life. Like a house cat and I learned a few things about myself on this road to recovery. Surviving the ectopic pregnancy brought stillness and more love into my life. A tranquility I never thought possible.

I learned that I do really enjoy being solitary, although I do have bursts of extroversion. As a whole I prefer my own company and the company of a few loving souls who are jovial in nature too.

I’ve learned to have strong boundaries. My life is so precious and short and I won’t feel guilty for being more discerning of who I choose to be in my inner world.

I have also learned that I’ve spent the majority of my life externally focussed with my creativity. I made things in the hope I’m worthy of others, to be externally valid in the rat race. I used to go above and beyond to create what is asked of me for free or exchanges-believing one day that individual or company would see my worth and choose to pay me. I believe this is where my imbalance is in my bodymind.

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The Priestess of Shadows (Shadow Work)

priestess of shadows

So you’re asking “Why Priestess of Shadows? I see you as light hearted and kind with a sunny disposition, I’m confused?”

In the past two years of my life, I’ve come a long way. I carry a lot of ghosts and I’ve always been afraid to truly embody this side to me…Until now.

I feel like this post is a long time coming as I finally feel like I am embodying who I truly am.

Hecate of the ancient Greeks was actually a very beautiful goddess, unlike the Wiccan depiction as a skull faced crone which I dislike very much because it continues to emphasize that death and the shadows are scary, evil or wrong.

Hecate of the ancients was known as the “Luminous one”. She was a gentle being that helped souls cross over. This goddess is radiant with a gentle demeanour and yet she represents the shadows.

She symbolizes being accepting of the shadows in whatever way that manifests. Hecate teaches not to fear our shadows but to walk through them with her as she shines her lantern to lead the way.

The shadows doesn’t just represent death but is symbolic of other realms too including the dream space and subconscious mind.

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The Secrets of Scorpio (They’re actually like Pokemon)

The Secrets of Scorpio

Scorpio is a favourite sign of mine

I am a Scorpio rising and I have Scorpio in my Mercury so whilst I’m not an actual Scorpio-I do share some traits

What people don’t realize about the archetype of Scorpio is that it’s a very sensitive and vulnerable sign. Like Cancerians with the tough outer shell but soft centre, Scorpios (scorpions) protect their softness inside their exoskeleton as armour and their famous sting is their sword. How they use this power is what we’re discussing here.

So lets look at the Secrets of Scorpio

There are actually 4 types of Scorpios-they’re basically like pokemon-evolving by shedding their karma and maturing.

Represented by the life-death cycle, Scorpios have more karma to let go of than any other sign-hence why when they nip-they cling to emotions and find it hard to let go and that is their greatest life lesson- to surrender and let go with love.

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What it really means to be a Libra

what it really means to be a Libra, star sign personality

Libra: Surprisingly a quirky sign. On the surface people assume that these people are always balanced, perhaps a little superficial or self centred, calm, friendly and even tempered-this is what you read in magazine astrology which is usually inaccurate.”Everyone loves a Libra” is a common phrase as oppose to Scorpio who sadly get a bad rep.

Libras are the Will Smith’s and Kate Winslet’s of the zodiac: Usually well loved by every other sign (if in balance with their emotions)

yet Libras are surprisingly picky and private as to who they truly let in to their inner circle.

Like an Aquarius, they can have loads of aquaintences who adore them and their charm, which Libras are famous for, but deep down most Libras only have a select few as chosen “soul friends” for life, unlike Aquarius who will continue to be friends with everyone.

It is an air sign so most Librans adore conversation and intellect but it has to have depth, Librans need witty debates and talks about art, poetry, culture and more.

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Pisces Full Harvest Moon


 It is currently the Pisces full moon.


Pisces is a sign of dreams, misdirection, illusion and forgetfulness. If you think of the sign of Pisces-it is a symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions- I once knew someone with Pisces Sun and Gemini moon- this person was no picnic-absolute confusion, constantly changing their mind, it was like living with a washing machine.

Pisces also represents unconditional love, gentleness, deep emotions and connecting to the other realms/subconscious mind.

Before our current age of Aquarius, ancient civilizations were in the age of Pisces-hence why there is a cloak of intrigue and mysticism attached to ancient history, many things from thousands of years ago are lost to us, or half discovered-hence it was known as the age of forgetfulness.

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Embodying the Lion

Not that long ago it was the lions gate portal and the Leo new moon. In Islam we are in Muharram which is the first month of the Islamic calendar. In the Vedic calendar this is a Jyotish new moon.

This is a very auspicious time for manifestation and prayer and to feel with your whole body-mind what is sacred to you in relation to the heavens?

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What it means to be a Witch: Part Two


Part two of this lengthy article is now published! I may consider a part three to explore other voices and identities within LGBTQA, Black community and men who consider themselves witches or wizards
Part one and two mainly focussed on the women I know from around the world who practice a form of witch craft. It is these beautiful friends that made these articles exist, their voices brought my writing to life but I’d love to expand, I am even considering creating a podcast.
It has been liked 41 times and shared 16 times on Rebelle Society Facebook already!

I am now writing a new script for a meditation and a poetry book collection to be published.

My next large article will explore the Priestess Path so stay tuned for that.

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My Altar, My Heart Space


Here is a recent altar I have created- this is a peak into my heart. It was my time with the Be Woman Project and my teacher Sharada who encouraged me to follow my heart and be true to myself. It is the trainings with the Be Woman Project that helped me know my magic again.
I’ve been creating altars since I was about 13, I’d use trinkets and natural objects with photos to decorate on a shelf in my room and I’ve been creating altars ever since.

I have a sweet memory of my mum coming to me with a small black bowl and said “My little water fountain has broke so I had to throw it away, thought you might want to use the bowl as a cauldron?”

Even though she didn’t understand what I was doing because we are from a Roman Catholic family. She still gave me that bowl as her way of telling me she accepts that part of me ( to some degree).

My spirituality is very grounded and earthy. Everything you see on the table are simply symbolic of memories and happy thoughts. It is my little place of refuge, my temple. When times are rough, I just sit by an altar and I’m reminded of my self worth, loved ones, sacred beauty, my travels, my dreams and much more.

I do not “worship” all these things. They are representations of what already resides in me and out in the world. As above so below.
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Aquarius Full Moon in Leo


The musings of a Hedge Witch

It is the Aquarius full moon in the season of Leo.
This is an interesting mix for sure. Especially for my partner who is an Aquarius with a Leo moon. Things will feel topsy turvy for him in relation to matters of the heart. Leo rules the heart anyway (Leo Lionheart!) and the moon governs our emotions. Needless to say my partner at this time will struggle with flipping from emotion to thought, emotion to thought. For Leo tends to be extroverted feeling and Aquarius, whilst expressive and a bit of an eccentric, has introverted thought processess and they tend to overthink like a computer with a million tabs open.

But he has his moon in Leo, so deep down he’s a cuddly lion (I’m super lucky about this, I’m his Queen and I get the best hugs). As his best friend says “Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, Craig wears his all over his body.”- ACCURATE.

Heavenly forecast: Month of Leo with Aquarius Moon
Craig: Aquarius sun, Leo Moon

The Sun entered it’s home sign of Leo on August 1st, bringing with it a fresh and optimistic, gregarious outlook. Today the Full Moon occurs in the opposite sign of Aquarius, a colder more aloof placement. We may feel a strong push-pull energy this Full Moon, for Leo and Aquarius are opposite axis (Like Libra/Aries for example).
Axis points are important to understand as they represent opposing energies that also compliment each other. Leo and Aquarius are very different, yet they contain seeds of the other. Much like a yin and yang symbol.

Leo energy is connected to the Sun, so it’s warm, Aquarius is connected to Saturn & Uranus so it’s more cold and distant. Leo is all about self and being the leader, whereas Aquarius is all about the collective, the world and humanity.

The Leo/Aquarius axis is all about the Individual and the Collective, the Self and the Whole, The Personal Ego and Humanity, the Inner work and the Outer work.

This Full Moon, we must ask ourselves – how can we balance the needs and desires of the collective, of humanity and balance it with our own individual wants and desires? How can we do both our inner personal work, and outer collective work at the same time? Continue reading

What it means to be a Witch: Rebelle Society


“I am my mother’s savage daughter,
the one who runs barefoot cursing sharp stones.
My mother’s child dances in darkness,
And sings heathen songs by the light of the moon,
And watches the stars and renames the planets,
And dreams she can reach them with a song and a broom.”
~ Pagan folk song

What do you think when you hear the word Witch?

Witchcraft, being viewed with suspicion and even hostility for hundreds of years, has gained a surge in interest recently, and has become magically woven into a mainstream phenomenon.

Interestingly, the original meaning of Witch means Wise, and comes from the old Anglo-Germanic word Wicca, pronounced Wiche (feminine) or Wicha (masculine), which developed out of Ingvaeonic (also known as North Sea Germanic). Continue reading