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What it really means to be a Libra

what it really means to be a Libra, star sign personality

Libra: Surprisingly a quirky sign. On the surface people assume that these people are always balanced, perhaps a little superficial or self centred, calm, friendly and even tempered-this is what you read in magazine astrology which is usually inaccurate.”Everyone loves a Libra” is a common phrase as oppose to Scorpio who sadly get a bad rep.

Libras are the Will Smith’s and Kate Winslet’s of the zodiac: Usually well loved by every other sign (if in balance with their emotions)

yet Libras are surprisingly picky and private as to who they truly let in to their inner circle.

Like an Aquarius, they can have loads of aquaintences who adore them and their charm, which Libras are famous for, but deep down most Libras only have a select few as chosen “soul friends” for life, unlike Aquarius who will continue to be friends with everyone.

It is an air sign so most Librans adore conversation and intellect but it has to have depth, Librans need witty debates and talks about art, poetry, culture and more.

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Venus Retrograde: Rebirth and the paradox of Libra

The musings of a HedgeWitch

Happy Re-Birthday to Venus!
On June 3rd, 2020 Venus retrograde is conjunct the Sun. This is when a new 584-day Venus cycle begins and it actually forms a pentagram in the sky. This is also when Venus transforms from an evening star into a morning star. Venus goes retrograde less than any other planet, but when it does, it touches us to the core of our heart. Venus retrograde is similar to a descent into the underworld: a part of us must die so that a new version of ourselves can be reborn.
This intrigues me as a Libra (governed by Venus/Aphrodite) as I’ve always been pulled towards dark goddess archetypes: Persephone, Hekate and the shadow side to humanity as if I was more like a scorpio. This new knowledge comes to light and it all makes sense. Also did you know, once upon a time Libra constellation was once called Scorpio’s claw? So whilst Libras are most often than not diplomatic and balanced and don’t have the Scorpio sting, we do nip if we have to, much like the season of Autumn (October being the month of Libra) feeling the first nip of winter’s cold weather. Straddling the earthy logic of Virgo and the intencity of Scorpio makes for Libras being both logical and emotionally charged- hence the attempt at balancing such a paradox like the scales.

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