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Pisces Full Harvest Moon


 It is currently the Pisces full moon.


Pisces is a sign of dreams, misdirection, illusion and forgetfulness. If you think of the sign of Pisces-it is a symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions- I once knew someone with Pisces Sun and Gemini moon- this person was no picnic-absolute confusion, constantly changing their mind, it was like living with a washing machine.

Pisces also represents unconditional love, gentleness, deep emotions and connecting to the other realms/subconscious mind.

Before our current age of Aquarius, ancient civilizations were in the age of Pisces-hence why there is a cloak of intrigue and mysticism attached to ancient history, many things from thousands of years ago are lost to us, or half discovered-hence it was known as the age of forgetfulness.

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Venus Retrograde: Rebirth and the paradox of Libra

The musings of a HedgeWitch

Happy Re-Birthday to Venus!
On June 3rd, 2020 Venus retrograde is conjunct the Sun. This is when a new 584-day Venus cycle begins and it actually forms a pentagram in the sky. This is also when Venus transforms from an evening star into a morning star. Venus goes retrograde less than any other planet, but when it does, it touches us to the core of our heart. Venus retrograde is similar to a descent into the underworld: a part of us must die so that a new version of ourselves can be reborn.
This intrigues me as a Libra (governed by Venus/Aphrodite) as I’ve always been pulled towards dark goddess archetypes: Persephone, Hekate and the shadow side to humanity as if I was more like a scorpio. This new knowledge comes to light and it all makes sense. Also did you know, once upon a time Libra constellation was once called Scorpio’s claw? So whilst Libras are most often than not diplomatic and balanced and don’t have the Scorpio sting, we do nip if we have to, much like the season of Autumn (October being the month of Libra) feeling the first nip of winter’s cold weather. Straddling the earthy logic of Virgo and the intencity of Scorpio makes for Libras being both logical and emotionally charged- hence the attempt at balancing such a paradox like the scales.

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Interview with Joanna Lewins with Rebelle Society


My latest article is up with Rebelle Society!
This is in honour of my Reiki teacher, giving back the love she gave me. Joanna Lewins really inspired me and my training with her was not part of my original plans, it just magically happened. She, by chance happened to be in Bali the same time as me and was offering a last minute reiki level 2 round the corner from where I was staying and on the day I was meant to fly back to the U.K.
the decision to follow my heart and intuition changed my life AND changed how I view life. If I had not followed my heart I’d have been back in the Uk earlier, not gone to Australia and not gone on to become a reiki master teacher and not gone on to develop a passion in researching more about shamanism, ancient priestesses and mysticism.
Jo is one of three teachers who’ve inspired my path.
This woman is utterly wonderful and I consider her a mermaid soul sister

“When one is attuned into the Reiki lineage, it’s like receiving a beautiful blessing from above, and is done as a short and sacred ritual that stays with you for life. It really is a gift. To be able to tune into this infinite source, to be able to give yourself hands on healing, is truly one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. It allows you to open up as a channel to receive the light to move through you, and ignites your soul. When you work with your energy body, you’re tapping in on a cellular level, that also influences your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, so it’s all encompassing and connected. It doesn’t take much to have a deeply powerful experience. Yummy, right?” ~ Joanna Lewins, Reiki Master Teacher

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