Pisces Full Harvest Moon


 It is currently the Pisces full moon.


Pisces is a sign of dreams, misdirection, illusion and forgetfulness. If you think of the sign of Pisces-it is a symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions- I once knew someone with Pisces Sun and Gemini moon- this person was no picnic-absolute confusion, constantly changing their mind, it was like living with a washing machine.

Pisces also represents unconditional love, gentleness, deep emotions and connecting to the other realms/subconscious mind.

Before our current age of Aquarius, ancient civilizations were in the age of Pisces-hence why there is a cloak of intrigue and mysticism attached to ancient history, many things from thousands of years ago are lost to us, or half discovered-hence it was known as the age of forgetfulness.

The age of Pisces moves into the age of Aquarius

We are now in the age of freedom and technology- but even that has it’s shadow; too much freedom causes chaos and a global culture whose hearts are in the right place (fighting for a new world, fighting for humanitarian reasons) but our minds are still controlled by ego-hence why cancel culture is rife: Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, Saturn is the God/Planet of Order and Uranus is the planet of unpredictability.

Collectively we are all conflicted with a desire for world peace and freedom (Uranus), yet we all sit in our ego and judge others because they are not following OUR orders, OUR ideals of what is the right way forward (Saturn).

So we band together in little cliques with our pitch forks and cancel on those who may have a different view to us. Surely attacking a person because they don’t fit in or agree with herd ideals is a form of bullying in itself? You might want to think about that?

Two wrongs do not make a right, it is important to have compassion, look at the whole person and their whole story. it is better to educate with love and gentleness, rather than act on impulse (Uranus) and judgement (Saturn).


Make no mistake though, this age will fall, too many people in chaos and judgement will bring about the end of the world as we know it (the Vedas call this stage-The Kali Yuga and we are already in it, heading for destruction like the Tower card in the Tarot).

The next age will be Capricorn. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn will take the lead to bring order and rebuild after the chaos the age of Aquarius has left behind.

It is also the age of the Grandma: Having the gentle grace, wisdom and compassion. This is an age where the mystics and shaman’s will take the lead once again and encourage their tribes to be one with the earth. The old healing ways will be much revered and respected. The oracles will be our teachers, the medicine woman will shine again.

This sadly, won’t happen for two thousand years though.


Getting back to this Pisces moon:

You might find aspects to your past come back to haunt you either through an ex, an old friend that perhaps ended on bad terms, letters, dreams and family secrets/trauma for example. (I know I have!)


Like the symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions (one swimming in the shallows, the other in the deep)- what is forgotten in the deep will be brought to the shallows.

But Pisces as a fish is slippery and elusive, what is brought to the surface is merely a mirage which is a good thing, like a ghost it haunts you but it can not truly hurt you because it is not real anymore.

Pisces asks us to forgive with love, to show mercy, to drop our pitchforks and see each other as human beings with our own individual stories of suffering, complexities, traumas and triggers- even those much hated in our lives are simple vulnerable human-beings, with a hurt inner child. We don’t know why their trauma makes them act the way they do, similarliy nobody knows why OUR trauma makes us act the way we do…

So pause for a moment before REACTING or ganging up on an individual because their perception of reality displeases you.

Pisces reminds us to be gentle with our shadow, our past and those who hurt us in our past.

September is the month of Virgo

and this is an earth sign. Virgo keeps us grounded during the emotional full moon of Pisces. Virgo helps us analyze and comb through our emotions gently like you would harvesting a field. It is a good time to check in with yourself on all levels.

And as Jesus says “Those who never sinned, cast the first stone” Meaning: Be careful when you judge another for their “failings”, you can be sure YOU have many flaws and secrets hidden in the deep? Practice self love, look at yourself in the mirror and see EVERYTHING.

When you see yourself in this way, you’ll judge others less, cancel on others less and grow with more compassion and kindness.

It starts with practicing love and forgiveness towards yourself first and it becomes a ripple effect: How can I judge another for their story when I am far from perfect myself? We tend to judge others based on something hidden within ourselves that we struggle to fathom. We need to bring it to the surface, catch that fish, forgive and let go.


Pisces also governs creativity from daydreaming, this full moon encourages you to ponder about life and your dreams as you make art, write poetry and watch the September rain storms over a cup of tea.

During this full moon you may also have bizarre but beautiful dreams. Write them down in a journal as they may inspire a new project.


This September moon is called the Harvest moon.

It is also the Corn/Fruit/Barley moon in Native American. It is also the moon of the Hungry Ghost Festival to the Chinese.

For Hindus in Kerala, India, this full moon marks the end of the 10-day celebration of Onam-where they pay homeage to their ancestors.

For some Buddhists in Bangladesh and Thailand, this full moon is Modhu Purnima, the Honey Full Moon or the Honey-Offering Festival.

This Festival is tied to a legend that an elephant and a monkey fed the Buddha when he was in the forest trying to bring peace between two tribes. The elephant offered fruit and the monkey offered a honeycomb.

This suggests: To bring peace-drop the judgement, harvest your emotions, share love and forgiveness, accept your ghosts.

Swim in the gentle cooling and dream-like waters of Pisces. Rest, heal, forgive, know peace.


Tea for Pisces full moon: Jasmine, Chamomile and Cornflower

Yoga for Pisces full moon: Boat pose, Fish pose, Dolphin, Mermaid

Crystals for Pisces full moon: Moonstone, Labradorite, Howlite.

Flowers for Pisces full moon: Waterlily, Cosmos, Lotus, Bat flower.

Tarot cards: High Priestess and the Moon

Bath Ritual: Use rose petals, a few drops of Jasmine essential oil, candle light and dream-like music. Pretend you are a mermaid! Say this to yourself and into the water: “I am a wonderful person with so much to offer and so much to give.”. Before you drain the water, put some in a bottle with the flowers to leave over night and soak under the full moon before pouring it onto the earth as an offering and as a way to let go and forgive.

Essential Oils: Black pepper, rosemary, cedarwood, peppermint, bergamot and basil are very good for grounding the dreamy, unpractical nature. For nuturing the sensitive inner-self try lavender, Jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, rose, frankincense and ylang ylang.

Mantra: Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya to see beyond illusion


“Forgiveness is taking the knife out of your own back, and not using it to hurt anyone else. No matter how they hurt you.”- Hana Malik

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Namaste and Blessed Be beautiful souls

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