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Meditation Magazine Article (+Two FREE Meditations)

Meditation Magazine

Meditation Magazine (online) published my article and if you’d like to have a read, then cosy up with a cup of tea and click on the link below!

Meditation Magazine: How Meditation Benefits Me

Before I discovered the physical aspect of Yoga in my early twenties, meditation and mindful day-dreaming were always part of my daily life. It was something I practiced naturally as a little girl.

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Life just got a little sweeter

At the beginning of lockdown 2020, I went to live with my beloved in Liverpool. After six years living in Plymouth then spending most of 2019 abroad, I planned to settle in my hometown of Blackpool again to figure out the next chapter of my life. The Universe had other plans…

The moment I walked back through the doors of my childhood home in October 2019, the week of my 34th birthday (hoping for a few months pitstop), I realized being there was a big mistake and I wished to magically grow wings and fly back to Cyprus. However I endured the life lessons thrown at me for a spell.

A few weeks later I met Craig and fell in love. I have never fell so hard about anyone before. By his birthday in February we made a joint decision for me to move in with him (partially). And we’ve not look back.

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Pisces Full Harvest Moon


 It is currently the Pisces full moon.


Pisces is a sign of dreams, misdirection, illusion and forgetfulness. If you think of the sign of Pisces-it is a symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions- I once knew someone with Pisces Sun and Gemini moon- this person was no picnic-absolute confusion, constantly changing their mind, it was like living with a washing machine.

Pisces also represents unconditional love, gentleness, deep emotions and connecting to the other realms/subconscious mind.

Before our current age of Aquarius, ancient civilizations were in the age of Pisces-hence why there is a cloak of intrigue and mysticism attached to ancient history, many things from thousands of years ago are lost to us, or half discovered-hence it was known as the age of forgetfulness.

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Art Journal Flip Through

I started keeping journals when I was about 13 when a relative gifted me Anne Frank’s Diary. When in college I moved onto art journals upon the discovery of Dan Elden’s journals. I now manage this lifestyle blog as a sort of online diary of everything.
These journals were made during my mid-late 20’s. Some of the pages were quite dark as I was struggling quite a bit with anxiety and depression from childhood trauma and abuse from a previous partnership.

I now keep nature journals but do plan on making more collages for my up coming poetry book AND I am considering creating a class on skill share?

When I am not belly dancing, teaching yoga or traveling I make journals, dream catchers and nature illustrations. Living a creative life is very important to me. Continue reading

Embodying the Lion

Not that long ago it was the lions gate portal and the Leo new moon. In Islam we are in Muharram which is the first month of the Islamic calendar. In the Vedic calendar this is a Jyotish new moon.

This is a very auspicious time for manifestation and prayer and to feel with your whole body-mind what is sacred to you in relation to the heavens?

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Healing Crystals for Vata Dosha with Yogi Approved


It has been a while since I have written an article for Yogi Approved and I felt called to create something light and airy. Everyone loves healing Crystals and I felt that mixing my knowledge of crystals with Ayurveda would be fun. This first article is all about Vata Dosha. This is a Dosha that needs grounding due it consisting of the elements of Air and Space. People who are Vata dominat tend to be highly anxious, live in their minds a lot and are prone to feeling spaced out, scatter brained, erratic and suffer with nervous disorders and insomnia.

“According to Ayurveda, we all have doshas, which are biological and subtle energies residing within the body-mind that govern all physical and mental characteristics.

These doshas are considered to give a person their unique constitution that is innate and does not change throughout a person’s life. However, they can fluctuate, which can cause an imbalance in your mind or body.

Once you find out your dosha, you can learn what kind of exercise, meditation, sleep patterns, healing crystals, pranayama practices, essential oils, colors, and environments are good for you along with things to avoid to help you lead a much more harmonious and balanced life.”

Find out more at Yogi Approved: Crystals for Vata Dosha

Two more articles discussing Pitta and Kapha are on the way!

Earth Dance in the Woods


We are all wanderers on this earth, our hearts full of wonder, our souls deep with dreams. -Romani Proverb

My ancestry is Romani and my magickal practice is that of Hedgewitchery, I am also a Priestess of the Divine Feminine. I work a lot with Romani folk magick and I see my dancing and anything I create as a both a celebration to goddess and from goddess and to honour my ancestors. My main deities/archetypes that connect me to the sacred feminine are: Aphrodite (and mermaid symbolism), Isis, the Romani goddess Sara-La-Kali and Parvati (my name Kalyani is a varient of Parvati). I felt called to do a dance barefoot on the earth as a hymn of love to the great goddess. I adore that it started raining, you can almost see the tiny droplets, its as if my dancing conjured the rain. The dream catchers you see are handmade by me also.

This is also an extension of an ongoing personal project that started with a poem now published on Rebelle Society also titled “A Hymn of Love to the Earth” and will eventually be in a book I am hoping to publish as well as the creation of an oracle deck which will showcase my botanical illustrations. The elements governing this project are earth and water.

I felt called to dance like the ancient Shamans, Oracles, Priestessess and Rom people once did, to send healing and love to pachamama during a global crisis. Continue reading

The London Goddess Calls


Hello beautiful souls,
It’s been a short while since I’ve updated you all on me so here it is:
Craig and I have now been together for nearly 8 months (wow time flies) and it is the most easy going relationship ever. It just feels good and the energy flows like a river. So we’ve decided I’m going to move to London so we can start a life together
We’ve been living together in his home in Liverpool for the months of lockdown and he’s now gone down to London for further training in the MET (because he has passed his online theory training with flying colours ) and he’s also now hunting for a flat for us. It means we are apart for about a month but absence makes the heart grow fonder and love always finds a way. Craig also said “Its good practice for us for when the time comes that you’re away for weeks on end teaching on yoga retreats. We’ve got this!”

Like my time in Bali, I’m just going to surrender and see what happens. I have ideas and plans for my own career path but we’ll see what London has in store for me
As Tabitha Brown says “Coz it’s my business”.
Meaning I’ll forge my own path and if I want advice I’ll ask the person I feel is most appropriate. Continue reading