We for Women Stories {Personal Essay about Survival}

We for Women Stories

We For Women is a sisterhood community for all women, trans women and non-binary people to share their stories.

They offer a safe space to have a voice, connect and inspire each other.

In sharing our experiences, we will embrace our strengths, vulnerability, beauty, as well as encourage and support each other, heal and shine together.

I heard about We for Women through a friend who I am writing a memoir project with.

I started following We for Women months before I plucked up the courage to submit something. I’d stare at the screen worrying and wondering if my story would be good enough?

I chose to write about surviving my ectopic pregnancy which also included two poems.

I wanted the story to include facts and information about the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust so other women can reach out and get support either from me or relevant organizations.

This personal essay was deeply emotional, the editor of We for Women spent an hour later crying and taking in the pain and the hope within my story. She was moved so much by my words.

It is an honour to be published on this very special platform, It is an honour to survive this tragic experience and be in grief.

In grief I am set free to forgive, have mercy and really enjoy life more.

Knowing I nearly died reminds me I can go through hell and still achieve anything. There is no stopping me now! Life is too short!

To read the essay click on this link: Surviving my Ectopic Pregnancy

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