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Interview with Joanna Lewins with Rebelle Society


My latest article is up with Rebelle Society!
This is in honour of my Reiki teacher, giving back the love she gave me. Joanna Lewins really inspired me and my training with her was not part of my original plans, it just magically happened. She, by chance happened to be in Bali the same time as me and was offering a last minute reiki level 2 round the corner from where I was staying and on the day I was meant to fly back to the U.K.
the decision to follow my heart and intuition changed my life AND changed how I view life. If I had not followed my heart I’d have been back in the Uk earlier, not gone to Australia and not gone on to become a reiki master teacher and not gone on to develop a passion in researching more about shamanism, ancient priestesses and mysticism.
Jo is one of three teachers who’ve inspired my path.
This woman is utterly wonderful and I consider her a mermaid soul sister

“When one is attuned into the Reiki lineage, it’s like receiving a beautiful blessing from above, and is done as a short and sacred ritual that stays with you for life. It really is a gift. To be able to tune into this infinite source, to be able to give yourself hands on healing, is truly one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. It allows you to open up as a channel to receive the light to move through you, and ignites your soul. When you work with your energy body, you’re tapping in on a cellular level, that also influences your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, so it’s all encompassing and connected. It doesn’t take much to have a deeply powerful experience. Yummy, right?” ~ Joanna Lewins, Reiki Master Teacher

Jo Lewins is a British-born Reiki Master Teacher, water healing therapist, and yoga teacher who has bundles of knowledge on crystal healing, massage and shamanic journeying among other talents. Continue reading

An Interview with Sharada, founder of the Be Woman Project

I’ve known my teacher Sharada for about a year now. I’ve attended two of her women’s circle trainings and I am now one of her instagram and social media managers, some day soon I’ll be taking on board the job of blog manager for the Be Woman Project too and I’ll be mentoring on her next Be Durga training in Bali next year! I truly love what she is creating and growing for women and I’ve wanted to be a part of a sisterhood for a long time, so to be a part of the team.

Continue reading

An interview with Louise Allen of Rhythm of Beauty


I met Louise during my first Priestess initiation workshop. Being a Priestess or becoming one ultimately means living in rhythm with nature, following the seasons, moon cycles, understanding the symbolism of flowers, the stories of ancient deities and nature spirits, of dream work and meditation which in turn encourages a fledgling Priestess to look inside herself, to heal and learn to guide others on visual and meditative journeys, create ceremonies, sacred feminine workshops and moon blessings. It’s all very deliciously magical stuff that is teaching me to be true to myself for I have always been this way: I’ve always been wild, a free spirited gypsy, a wise woman who sees beyond the veil and because I already live this way and visualize belly dance as a form of devotion to the goddess and nature, it seemed only fitting to bring belly dance and my priestess training together so that I can create beautiful healing workshops for women. Louise was one of the first women to befriend me and she’s been a wonderfully encouraging and inspirational individual at this moment in my life.

Louise reminds me of a lighthouse or the characters in my favourite film “Practical Magic” who are ‘wise women’ or ‘herbalists’ that live in a house that looks like a lighthouse. She is a lighthouse because she has been one of the few people I’ve met who are honest, has integrity and are unafraid to shine. She is also a wildflower- sturdy yet gentle and playful as she dances through life with so much grace. I adore her loving nature, I adore how proud she is of being a full time mother and I love the devotion she has put into her Rhythm of Beauty business, which is truly a unique small business.
Have a read of her interview over a cup of silky, chamomile tea to truly enjoy Louise’s warm personality and beautiful way of life.

Describe who you are and what you do in three sentences or less.
I am a mother of 3 beautiful boys, and wife to my partner Tom. Through my life experience and holistic practice over the last 20 years or so I have blended this into my certified coaching ‘Rhythm of Beauty’, which is a 3 fold business and includes: Crafting & selling Beauty products such as natural skin care moisturizers, flower essences and botanical body lotions. I also facilitate workshops & retreats centered around the  seasons & moon cycles and I also offer training to those who wish become a Rhythm of Beauty coach.

Tell us your life journey, when did you first start becoming interested in holistic healing and the benefits of plants and ultimately creating your own business “Rhythm of Beauty” plus your retreats that branch out from that?

Firstly I’ll talk about Rhythm Of Beauty
With over 20 years of experience I have been able to combine the elements of beauty, aromatherapy, herbalism, nutrition, anthropology and psychology into a holistic focus on becoming whole again, I encourage individuals to live a life aligned to their true identity, to navigate a deep exploration within oneself and bring their true self to the surface for all to see, LIVING in-tune, with nature and their own unique purpose.

My seasonal range of products are gifted from nature, sourced with care and offered with sincerity. My Skincare products are infused with living botanicals, oils, and tinctures that truly feed the soul. I Work closely with the seasons and moon cycle to fully capture the essences of the flowers to feed the body’s cells with pure minerals, antioxidants and skin omegas to optimally balance all skin types. The beauty of my products has a harmonious relationship with nature and with our bodies – not only do they work wonders on the skin, they are created so purely that they reach much deeper, working on an emotional and spiritual level – infusions of nature that literally touch the heart and the soul.

I love to spend as much time as possible in my garden, this is my sacred and creative space… is quite normal to see me running outside in all weathers, to retrieve an essence bottle or flower that has called out to me from the beauty of the flower and herb, surrounded by the woodlands and the purity of the stream, running through the gardens.

In regards to invoking the power of the moon cycle, my experience has discovered that the power of purification is heightened at a new moon, whereas it is at the full moon, that the potential for the body’s innate wellness, receptivity and nourishment is magnified. Working in harmony with the moon in this way, truly aligns the mind, body and spirit which brings about a powerful wellbeing and healing.

I also facilitate Sacred Spaces and retreats
I focus on empowering individuals to lead  healthy lives and I do this by utilizing the abundance and  blessings of nature. I blend my experiences, learning and intuition , with bespoke products, one-to-one retreat days and teaching programs – all with the aim of nurturing beauty, lifestyle and soul.

Working with me, I guide you to see that it becomes possible to reconnect to the ‘sacred space’ within ourselves. My grounding presence offers a trusting and safe space to begin to explore deep transformation within yourself and to reach the power and gifts of the divine feminine, so easily buried, in a world where masculine is often seen to lead. This ‘unlocking’ is the re-connection to the true feminine principles within us all – receptivity, gentleness and stillness.

Accessing this internal power, with the gentleness that it is, strikes the AWAKENING of our soul – This is TRUE beauty from within, confidently projected outwards, the wisdom of knowing who you are, fearlessly shining your own light for all to see and being alive in the loving energy of owning your truth…

‘There is nothing if you cannot be yourself… when you are completely yourself, you are simply the most attractive’.

What are your other passions and interests and do they work in conjunction to Rhythm of Beauty?
I love flowers!  My house and garden are always filled with flowers and herbs, and I also like to run and practice yoga, these help with my grounding into my body. I love to cook and celebrate life with friends and family- I love simple pleasures and cherishing the beauty of nature.

Why are the seasons and following the moon cycle important to the creation of your products and of your teachings?
The seasons are cyclical just like us as women- they lead us to follow their journey through letting go and harvesting-Autumn, Retreat into stillness-Winter- Rebirth and New Beginnings Spring and Transformation –summer. I like to incorporate this into my products and retreats to teach women-or remind them of their innate connection to nature.

The moon cycle is an ancient practice that has been lost over the years, it is something that helped me overcome feelings of being overwhelmed and exhausted by aligning to its cycle and this is what I use now to coach women to live a balanced life.

Can you give us a glimpse into the Beauty Therapy Training you offer and why does it differ from other Beauty Therapy courses?
Rhythm of Beauty Training is a unique experience it is more like a Retreat- Temple experience for therapist, yogis and practitioners to be nourished and nurtured and taught the power of living in rhythm with mother earth in a practical and grounding way, that then gives them a business tool to integrate into their own practice, with a range of seasonal products to complement their practice which nourishes the practitioner as they work. Once the year is complete they become a certified Rhythm of Beauty Coach, which enables them to align their clients to each season through seasonal nutritional therapy, flower essence therapy, and energy medicine.

What is the biggest struggle you face with your profession? How did you overcome it?
My biggest struggle has been time and keeping the balance with family and work, as my first job is a full time mother to 3 growing boys. I overcome it by taking it one day at a time, enjoying each moment as it comes and taking time out for myself when I feel exhausted. It is so important to pause, even for just a moment, take a bath and just breathe.

How has this holistic path changed your life, what is your personal measure of success and what makes you happy?
I have been on this path for a good 20 years – it is a way of life, that brings me so much joy –as I watch women and men unfurl to their true nature by living in rhythm with mother earth and reconnecting to these gifts. My idea of success is about finding what makes you truly happy and become that passion every single day, live it, explore it, grow from it. I am my most happiest as a full time mother, watching my boys grow is a blessing and being my own boss is also a very rewarding and a fulfilling experience also because I am a free spirit, I am at my best when I have the freedom to forge my own path which also enables me to support my family as a working mum.

What is currently your favorite concoction or flower essence and why?
Magnolia is a very special flower essence for me; it gave me so much wisdom as I was integrating Rhythm of Beauty. Magnolia is the archetype of the queen energy and her essence is something you ‘earn’ just like wearing a crown.

I also have an ancient Dog Rose that rambles up 2 huge beautiful pine trees’ and across our stream, this is such a majestic essence which embodies the 5 pointed star of the goddess- this essence is included in my Guardian Angel of Breast Oil and my Summer Collection to capture the secret language of the rose, for divine healing and to work with the fire element of summer, as rose is the quintessential medicine for the heart, which is the organ in power in the summer.

What advice would you give to those wanting to pursue your profession or any path/lifestyle perhaps considered unconventional to societal ideals?
Follow your heart, live your passion –this uplifts your soul and all you meet, as you will be living your soul’s purpose.

Current books you might be reading or books you have read that you recommend for anyone wanting to pursue a similar path to yours?
Silver Wheel by Elen Tompkins is what I’m currently reading. I have so many books on flowers, herbalism, health, aromatherapy; the list is too long to write here. However it can’t come from books, it all comes from walking the path and learning from nature.


What’s next for you and what are your life goals? Give us a glimpse into your hopes and dreams?
I have just had my courses all certified with CMA Complimentary Medical Association, and my Spa Well Retreat is due to open in a few weeks, which is the flagship of Rhythm of Beauty, where all the products are made, retreats, mentoring and training will take place. I’m also launching a Rhythm of Beauty Flower Essence Diploma the end of this year, alongside writing a seasonal nutritional book. My next goal is to collaborate with a retreat overseas.

I find Louise to be a remarkable and interesting woman. Her energy is both gentle yet refreshing like a soft summers breeze and her products are just divine. I also intend on attending one of her training courses once I have completed all my yoga certifications and my priestess initiation, it feels right to offer more than just the yoga poses or belly dance moves in my classes, I don’t see myself as just a ‘fitness teacher’. I want to offer sacred and magical spaces for women, to incorporate ceremonies and flower essences into my teachings, that would be a dream come true and I believe working with Louise will bring that out of me.

To learn more about Louise, attend one of her retreats or trainings or maybe purchase some of her seasonal products, visit her website here: Rhythm of Beauty
You can also like her on her facebook page: Rhythm of Beauty:Skin-Soul


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An Interview with Sarah-Yoga Teacher & Psychology graduate
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An interview with Sarah Steed Yoga

I have known Sarah now for over a year. We became friends instantly and she allowed me to stay with her whilst I did my Kids yoga teacher training in Brighton, back then we were discussing our dreams and our eventual path towards becoming certified yoga teachers and possibly running retreats together. We also got tattoos together to celebrate our budding friendship. Fast forward to this present moment and I’m about to train as a Teen yoga teacher and Sarah has just completed her 200hr yoga teacher training! Sarah is a beautiful fusion between gentleness and sass. Her soothing, husky voice has the capability of calming even the most anxious person and she has the sweetest disposition. She is spirited, gracious, and generous with a big heart and I really wanted to give readers a glimpse into her thoughts and of her current adventures in life.

Describe who you are and what you do in three sentences or less.
I’m Sarah, psychology graduate and newly qualified yoga teacher! I am an Aries (with the fiery hair to match!) and I currently live in Worthing, which is just down the coast from Brighton.

Tell is your life journey and how it lead you to Yoga?
Yoga has always fascinated me. I remember taking books on Yoga out of the library as a teenager and trying to hold the pages open with one foot whilst attempting to contort myself into the poses. Needless to say, it wasn’t too successful! During my late teens and early 20s I struggled with a huge lack of confidence, depression, and turbulent relationships. I felt incredibly lost in life and was experiencing a feeling of disconnection from everything. I can’t remember the specific moment I decided to explore Yoga again, but I do remember sweating like crazy in Downward Facing Dog and feeling this huge wave of peace wash over me in Savasana. I had never experienced anything like it before, and every fibre of my being was calling me to repeat the practice. So I did. Again and again. Yoga has been instrumental in shaping my growth and development as a person, and I honestly don’t know where I would be without it.

What are your other passions and interests?
I am an avid reader, although I buy far more books than I will ever read! Living by the sea I also love going for walks along the beach. I have recently begun writing for the Bad Yogi blog, and am currently learning to play the ukulele… although with limited success so far!

From your perspective how does psychology and yoga overlap?
Yoga, like psychology, is a science. It is the science of careful self enquiry in order to gain knowledge and wisdom about ourselves. As BKS Iyengar so succinctly puts it “Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one’s being, from bodily health to self realization”. One of the roles of psychology is to understand more about (and how to treat) mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. The role that yoga can play as an adjunct treatment for these issues is of huge significance.

Who or what inspires you?
I am inspired by people who speak and live their truth, it just shines out from them. As I have studied more Yoga Philosophy, I have also become inspired by the Bhagavad Gita and the Hindu gods/goddesses.

In your career and life, what’s been your greatest asset? And, if you care to share, your greatest hindrance? How did you overcome it?
Hmmm…I don’t know if I could define it as an asset, it’s probably more of a work in progress at the moment! But I would have to say trust. The trust I have to listen to my gut feelings about situations and decisions in my life, about when is the time to stay, to go, to make a change. And as I develop my connection to that inner intuition it feels like more things in my life are slotting into place. My greatest hindrance would have to be my tendency to compare myself with others and feel ‘less than’. I think this is hard given the ‘highlights reel’ of other people’s lives that we are exposed to on social media. But at the end of the day, we choose what information we feed ourselves, and I find that consciously selecting what I read and watch, and focusing on cultivating my own happiness has helped me to overcome these feelings.

What is your personal measure of success and what makes you happy?
I try not to strive for ‘success’ as such, of course I have goals and ambitions, but they are not end points. I can’t imagine getting to a point in my life where I think ‘great – I’ve made it now’, because we are always growing and evolving.
What makes me happy? Sorry to be such a huge cliché, but it really is all of the mundane little pleasures that make up life; lazy morning cuddles in bed, a chilled glass of rose, walking barefoot through grass, laughing, sharing.

What is your best advice you’ve ever gotten?
‘Do the right thing, and the right thing will happen’ – Trust that you are doing all that you can and the opportunities and synchronicity will arise.

What’s next for you and what are your life goals? Give us a glimpse into your bucket list?
As a newly qualified yoga teacher I am really excited to get teaching and start to embody all of the knowledge that I have gained over the course of my training. I am very much open to seeing where it takes me without really having much of a plan (why change the habit of a lifetime eh?). In terms of my other life goals, I am very keen to travel and see more of the world. I would also like to dedicate more time to being creative. I used to love to read, write, paint and draw, but I never make the time to do this anymore, so I would love to rediscover my artistic side! I never want to stop learning and there are so many areas that I would love to pursue in the future; massage, aromatherapy, ayurveda…The list goes on!

Do you have any tips and advice for those wishing to pursue their dreams? Do you have an inspirational quote or mantra you live by that you’d like to share?
Dream – dream big, dream small, but mean it. Trust in the process, and trust in your inner voice or gut feeling that is guiding you. Try not to be disheartened or distracted by the opinions of others, it is your life and your happiness, so why should anyone else govern it? I believe that the practice of setting a Sankalpa can be very helpful. A Sankalpa is a short positive affirmation that you repeat three times at the start of a yoga or meditation practice, such as ‘I am enough’ or ‘I trust in my wisdom’, which blooms and blossoms in your unconscious mind.
lotus pose with prayer mudra
To get to know Sarah a little more, follow her on instagram or read her articles on the Bad Yogi Blog.