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My journey as a Belly Dancer, includes my own performances, photos and videos alongside showcasing new talent, inspiring teachers and interviews.

Earth Dance in the Woods


We are all wanderers on this earth, our hearts full of wonder, our souls deep with dreams. -Romani Proverb

My ancestry is Romani and my magickal practice is that of Hedgewitchery, I am also a Priestess of the Divine Feminine. I work a lot with Romani folk magick and I see my dancing and anything I create as a both a celebration to goddess and from goddess and to honour my ancestors. My main deities/archetypes that connect me to the sacred feminine are: Aphrodite (and mermaid symbolism), Isis, the Romani goddess Sara-La-Kali and Parvati (my name Kalyani is a varient of Parvati). I felt called to do a dance barefoot on the earth as a hymn of love to the great goddess. I adore that it started raining, you can almost see the tiny droplets, its as if my dancing conjured the rain. The dream catchers you see are handmade by me also.

This is also an extension of an ongoing personal project that started with a poem now published on Rebelle Society also titled “A Hymn of Love to the Earth” and will eventually be in a book I am hoping to publish as well as the creation of an oracle deck which will showcase my botanical illustrations. The elements governing this project are earth and water.

I felt called to dance like the ancient Shamans, Oracles, Priestessess and Rom people once did, to send healing and love to pachamama during a global crisis. Continue reading

Belly Dance Video to Istanbul Grooves

It has been a while since I show cased my belly dance practice and I felt called to have a playful practice at my local gym who kindly let me use one of their studio spaces one Sunday afternoon as no classes were on at that time. I had two hours to myself to be in the moment and unabashedly move my body. To me body movement is a form of creativity, the body is a living sculpture and it is important celebrate what it can do, its a marvellous machine to explore life in!

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Bonus Belly Dance Video-Drum Solo


This was a good memory, a good night raising funds for Nepal after the earthquake hit in 2015. We raised about £600 that night from tickets, auctions and items being sold. Nepal is a country that is dear to my heart because I went backpacking there in March 2015, such a beautiful country with beautiful people. I was so honoured to be involved.

Wild & Free Outtakes

I want to share some photos from the day of the shoot because not many people realise that in order to get that one amazing shot, a photographer and the model can go through hundreds of different images. Also when I do work with a photographer I tend to choose someone who doesn’t rely heavily on photoshop, I like to look natural so what you see in the final image is me as I am and all that was tweeked was colour enhancement of the veils and my furrowed brow (from the sun being in my eyes) was edited out. I played a lot with how the veils were held in correlation to the direction of the wind. It was a fun few hours on Wembury beach. I enjoyed the fresh breeze, the warmth of the sun and the smell of sea salt.
 Photos copyright Jon Roberts

If any UK readers want to attend my 4 hour intensive belly dance/dance movement/chakra healing workshop here is the link to the facebook events page:
Wild & Free Event

Wild & Free

So here is one of two big announcements! It was so difficult keeping this a secret until the opportune moment; I really wanted to wait until the poster was completed because I enjoy using words and images together as it is a bit more professional and powerful. Some people kept wanting me to just announce this news without the poster but it didn’t feel right and I always dislike telling people things with just words, it looks weak to me, like there is something vital missing?

This workshop is going to be a fusion of dance movement therapeutics, tribal belly dance, chakra healing (primarily the root & heart chakras) plus meditation and some simple Yoga stretches. So these women are in for a real treat and I hope they come away feeling beautiful, powerful and light as a feather. I entitled this workshop “Wild & Free” for numerous reasons, mainly because a lot of women feel restrained in their daily life situations or by their minds which have been programmed by social conditioning since childhood and yet, at their core have that gorgeous primal, wild energy locked away in their hearts and I want to encourage a metamorphosis to set that primordial energy free. The Heart is the most expansive energy, it’s bigger than the brain so unlocking that love and your wild self is truly liberating. You are your best self when you can be wild and free.

I have worked really hard to get to this point in my life and career, I spent months planning & prepping for this one workshop but also studied a years worth of professional development in order to run therapeutic dance classes, workshops and retreats. I have great knowledge in mental health & eating disorders, nutrition, creative therapies, the anatomy of the body, somatics, dance leadership, the Chakras and Yoga Philosophy in order to lead holistic workshops tailored to healing the mind, body and soul. If anyone is interested in attending my workshop, please get in touch via my contact page! If you want to attend one of my workshops but can’t get to Glastonbury or maybe you want to host me in your area then lets talk! I am already planning to run workshops in Plymouth and other parts of Devon in the UK and I am discussing potential workshops in Cyprus & Bulgaria in the future.


Shewolf Belly Dance

This video of my latest performance was a challenging one for me, as it represents a side to me I have repressed for a long time and I wanted to set it free. In many ways I am a force of nature, I don’t conform to social expectations & I’ll never be obediant to anyone (unless respected). This performance involves me invoking the Wolf as a spirit animal and enjoying being very primal & earthy, and just like a Shewolf I can be solitary & private, although very loving & loyal to those closest to me. I performed at the Medicine Music Festival in Glastonbury and it was so much fun, I was surrounded by such lovely and encouraging people and I had my Aura photographed. It was a proper Hippie Festival full of magic and oddities, just utterly delightful!

The feedback I received was nothing but complete enthusiasm and support, people were approaching me telling me I bewitched them, that they have seen numerous belly dancers and yet none as good as me, asking if I teach and would I consider running workshops? I told them it is all in the pipe line with a lot more to offer! This is exciting times for me and I will be announcing some awesome news very soon! In the mean time, do have a watch of my dance video and I hope you guys love it as much as I loved performing it.


Belly Dancing at the Bread & Roses, Plymouth


Here it is guys!  This video does not show the full performances but gives you an idea of the atmosphere and the drum solos I danced to so I hope you like it. I loved performing at the Bread & Roses because the whole place and the crowd had a bohemian, artsy vibe and I felt very welcomed & supported.

On other news, I have finished my Business & Admin course and will be taking a mini break from study to concentrate on my dancing and working on some illustrations. In June I will be starting the Dance Therapy course and potentially a level 2 in ‘Fitness Instructing’ which is exciting! I still have the secret surprise to tell you all so I am patiently waiting for the opportune moment I can announce the news…Stay Tuned!

A Belly Dance Update

The fundraiser for Nepal I performed at was a success and we managed to raise almost £600! On top of that I received so much lovely feedback about my dancing and it surprised me. One woman said she found my gaze so alluring & intimidating that she had to turn away and watch my performance in the mirror above the bar, she continued “Not in a bad way! It was just that your dancing was so hypnotic and your eyes were so intense, it was like whoa! and I didn’t know where to look!” (I actually know only one person in my life who managed to look me in the eyes, hold their gaze and look right into the depths of my soul.) One man said “I have been to many Middle Eastern countries and I have never seen a Belly Dancer move like that! Wow! Incredible & special!” The organizer of the fundraiser mentioned “There are two sides to you, one side is shy & playful but the other side when you dance, you become this incredibly powerful woman!”

I was so moved by peoples love and support it made me realize I have a talent here, I mean I knew before but I guess I didn’t really understand my potential and yet I keep getting feedback from all kinds of people telling me how special my dancing is, how it makes them feel good just by watching, women want to learn from me and men seem hypnotized on the spot. This performance for the fundraiser was an important one for two reasons, firstly I wanted to contribute towards helping Nepal and secondly it has helped me take away the blindfold and I am now able to see what I am capable of.


Magic Socks, Sexy Pants & Belly Dance

After weeks of editing and juggling other commitments I finally managed to finish this video and have it go live today. The plan for this video was for it to be free form and organic, I wanted to bring forth my personality and give a demo of a recent drum solo I had been practicing. It has been a while since I last uploaded a dance video and it felt right to create one that is stripped from the usual studio, stage & post production glamour.
This is just me with friends in a relaxed environment and being happy. I hope you all like it!

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Katie Ness: Inspiring Belly Dancer

Katness, Inspiring Belly Dancer, 2014 from Katy Jane Larcombe on Vimeo.

A few months back I worked with a young film director & editor Katy Larcombe on an interview video and a possible dance video. It was an absolute blast working with this young woman who is so energetic, hard working and has an extremely contagious positive attitude that you can’t help but be upbeat, smiley and full of exuberant energy when you are around her. Within my interview I discuss how as a belly dancer, belly dance has been inspiring to me in many different ways; one in which it has encouraged an inner strength against adversity, an inner confidence in my body and a desire to teach that in a therapeutic way to other women with Yoga & Meditation. I would really love to one day organize expressive art workshops that also involve the Belly Dance and Yoga around the UK and perhaps find a way to run retreats perhaps in a lovely quaint town in the south of France or Prague one day?