A Belly Dance Update

The fundraiser for Nepal I performed at was a success and we managed to raise almost £600! On top of that I received so much lovely feedback about my dancing and it surprised me. One woman said she found my gaze so alluring & intimidating that she had to turn away and watch my performance in the mirror above the bar, she continued “Not in a bad way! It was just that your dancing was so hypnotic and your eyes were so intense, it was like whoa! and I didn’t know where to look!” (I actually know only one person in my life who managed to look me in the eyes, hold their gaze and look right into the depths of my soul.) One man said “I have been to many Middle Eastern countries and I have never seen a Belly Dancer move like that! Wow! Incredible & special!” The organizer of the fundraiser mentioned “There are two sides to you, one side is shy & playful but the other side when you dance, you become this incredibly powerful woman!”

I was so moved by peoples love and support it made me realize I have a talent here, I mean I knew before but I guess I didn’t really understand my potential and yet I keep getting feedback from all kinds of people telling me how special my dancing is, how it makes them feel good just by watching, women want to learn from me and men seem hypnotized on the spot. This performance for the fundraiser was an important one for two reasons, firstly I wanted to contribute towards helping Nepal and secondly it has helped me take away the blindfold and I am now able to see what I am capable of.


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