Short Stories

  • Mulberry Literary Magazine – Rebecca’s Requiescat: I Dream that you Forgive me and my Body turns to Water
  • Little Lion Press: Death & Desire Anthology (Print)– Rebecca’s Requiescat: I dream that you forgive me and my Body turns to Water (forthcoming)
  • Rhiannon’s Grief Keepers, short story coming soon
  • Caroline, short story coming soon
  • Oodies Cafe and secrets in the roses, Short story coming soon
  • The Nymph of Pendle Lake, Short story coming soon
  • Colette the Bird Girl, Short Story coming soon

Occult Essays/Articles

  • Kindred Spirit Magazine Spring Issue 2021 (Print)- A Return to the Sacred Circle
  • Kindred Spirit Magazine Winter Issue 2021(Print)- Hekate: Beyond the Threshold
  • Kindred Spirit Magazine Summer issue 2022 (Print)-Word Witchery & Poetic Priestesses
  • Kindred Spirit Magazine- Winter Isuee 2023 (Print)– Cacao Connection
  • Femme Occulte Autumn Issue 2022 (Print)- The 8 Lunar Personality Types
  • Femme Occulte Winter Issue 2022 (Print)- Aphrodite: Beyond Love & Desire
  • Femme Occulte Spring Issue 2023 (Print)– Rhiannon: Goddess of Grief, Grace and Faery Grooves
  • Witches Magazine Spring Issue 2023 (Digital) -Betwixt between Wings & Dreams: An essay of death and grief in association with the supernatural
  • Witchology (TBA 2023 Print)- Aphrodite: The Cyprian lady of Love, Sex & War


Travel Essays

*Coming Soon*


  • Phoenix Rising Memoir Collection- Memoirs of A Mermaid: nom de plume Selkie Wild
  • Aphrodite Fever Dream Poetry (Forthcoming to be published with Undressed Society, fourthcoming 2023)
  • Wild Wombyn Rising Collection- 50 women’s healing stories (forthcoming March 2023)
  • The Black Pool and other short stories– Collection of 13 short stories (Forthcoming 2023)