Katie Ness is a writer, artist and wellness teacher specialising in women’s spirituality and health by fusing yogic principles with pagan praxis and priestess ceremonies together.

She has a BA Hons in Fine Art with UCLAN and her MA is forthcoming. Recently studied CPD diplomas include: The History of Hindu devotional chant & kirtan, The Anthropology of Ritual & Magic, Archeology of the British Isles and Archeology of Sicily, Classical Studies and ancient Greek, Latin and Sanskrit to Level 2 & 3 as well as British folklore, Celtic mythology and ancient poetry. Much of her poetry, articles and essays centre around feminine folklore, wellbeing, body horror and healing, mysticism and the freedom of travel.

Her poetry is widely published online and in print with national & international magazines and she has performed her poetry and prose at a number of events such as Brighid of Faughart Festival Ireland, Burning Woman Festival, Be Woman Project’s Navratri Festival, Say Her Name online event and The C Word Mag Events as well as Poetry Cove Radio. Katie has lent her voice to two book projects focussed on empowering women’s voices entitled–Phoenix Rising Memoir Collection curated by Olivia Beardsmore and Say Her Name poetry anthology curated by Adam Shove.

She has been a contributing writer for Kindred Spirit Magazine, Witchology, Femme Occulte, Witches Magazine, Occulture Magazine, The Enquiring Eye, The Feminine Macabre and You Aligned. Two of her short stories feature in Mulberry Literary and a book collection entitled ‘Incurable’ published with Running Wild Press. Below you can see a list of her publications both digital and in print.

As of 2024 Katie is currently studying to be a Genealogist and learning to play the Lyre Harp with Lutherios Music Company whilst she prepares to do her Masters to become an Occult/folklore Historian.

In her free time she is working on a travel memoir, short story collection & her third poetry book which is a collaboration with artist Wendy Rivera. She lives for Creativity, Knowledge, Travel and the liberating feeling of being free spirited.


  • Word Witchery: The Path of the Poetry Priestess, Non-fiction pagan, forthcoming with Moon Books Publishing, coming soon, early 2025
  • Aphrodite Fever Dream, Poetry Book, published with Undressed Society Press, December 2023
  • Juggernaut, Poetry Book, published with DarkThirtyPoetry Press, March 2024
  • Blue Lotus, Poetry Book collaboration with Wendy Rivera, forthcoming 2025
  • Beyond the Black Pool: And other short stories, pending TBA
  • Wander Witch/Witchy Ways: At the Crossroads, Seeking the Sacred in the Landscape (Hybrid Travel Memoir), pending TBA


Short Stories

  • Mulberry Literary Magazine – Rebecca’s Requiescat: I Dream that you Forgive me and my Body turns to Water
  • Running Wild Press Short Story collection/Multiple Authors (Book) Kooshti Lollipop Sherbet Cunt (forthcoming 2024)
  • The Nymph of Pendle Lake, Short story coming soon with ‘Desire’ Anthology by Swim Press
  • The Grief Keepers, short story coming soon
  • Haunting Caroline, short story coming soon
  • Oodies Cafe: The secrets of roses & honey, Short story coming soon
  • Beyond the Black Pool (Marton Mere bogmaid), Short story coming soon

Occult & Folklore Articles


  • Assortment of Travel Articles on Atlas Obscura
  • Sicily: The island of lemons, honey and lady saints (forthcoming)
  • Cyprus: Aphrodite’s Abode (forthcoming)
  • Tenerife: Tara and Teide, the hidden magic beyond the tourism (forthcoming)
  • Sardinia: Cunnusa’s Paradise and Isola Maddalena (forthcoming)

General Essays

Wellbeing Articles

Podcasts & Interviews