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Women’s Circle Facilitator Training with the Be Woman Project

“Its dark out there, she thought. As the rain water called to her, its a perfect night for adventure. Her time here is up. The young woman took one last look at the cabinets, the bed frame, the kettle, the fridge and all other things that made a house, that became her house for over 7 years. A small tear journeyed down her face as she stepped outside barefoot. Out into the garden, she breathed in the jasmine fragrant air and plunged into the soil like a wild cat. It’s somewhere here she thought, clawing at the sodden earth. The Lavender and Rosemary growing nearby were curious as to what is going on and maneuvered towards the woman to get a better look.

Finally the young woman let out a joyous cry as she tugged at something grey and mottled deep within the flower bed pulsating like a heart, it was her sealskin. The roots of the palm tree had coiled over her pelt like a gnarled crooked hand. This house, this life did not want to let her go but with a great primal howl the young woman clawed away at the roots to free what had once belonged to her.

Cradling her seal skin like a baby, the lavender wept with the rain and the rosemary cried out “Please don’t leave us!” The young woman with cascading hair as dark as soot and eyes creature wild, smiled a seductive smile, said goodbye to her herb garden and to the civilized life she had lived for loves sake and ran into the night, back to the sea, back to her soul, back to the feral divine.”- © Katie Ness

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