Public/Private Yoga classes

Qualified at 200hr in Ayurvedic Hatha Yoga as well as specialist training in Ayurveda & Yoga for Pregnancy, Teen Yoga and YogaDance Kids. I am available to teach public and private classes for all ages in London.  Ayurvedic yoga is a holistic approach to asana practice. Bringing Ayurveda into your practice can bring about a greater sense of balance, harmony, self-awareness and health. I create classes that pacify each dosha, work in conjunction with the seasons and moon phases. In my public classes I also include sound healing, visual journeying, pranayama and mantra.


Tailored yoga Workshops and Retreats

With my wealth of knowledge in Yoga, mental health, holistic well-being, herbalism and mysticism, I create workshops and retreats tailored to your organization, festival or event. Perhaps you would like a workshop consisting of yoga and sound healing, or belly dance and a sharing circle? Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Shamanic Journeying? Yoga and writing therapy? I enjoy creating workshops that allow for playfulness and a gentleness that encourages a whole body-mind healing using a concoction of elements. I am available locally across the UK and Internationally.



Reiki Attunements

As a Reiki Master Teacher I facilitate day and weekend attunement workshops for Reiki Level one and two. I currently do not teach Level three out of choice. I have designed my attunements to help you dive deep, transform and support your growth in traditional Usui Reiki with holistic and shamanic modalities included as well as extra knowledge and practice in Chakra balancing, Cyrstal healing, Sacred Spaces & Altars and Energy work. I am based in London and available to travel. See here for more information: Reiki Attunements


Sacred feminine Workshops and Retreats

This is where my heart truly shines and there is an extension of this love below in the Priestess training I am creating.

Immerse yourself in activities that encourage you to embody the feminine divine through Goddess archetypes, soulful belly dance movements, healing sharing circles, cacao and tea ceremonies, gentle womb yoga tailored to the seasons and your season, Sister Reiki, crystal healing and breast massage, Devi visual journey’s, and invocation mantras and more.

These harmonious activities are artfully blended together with a clear intention, engaging body, mind and soul, to create more balance in our lives. Step foot into the temple-the womb space, unlock the creative power of the goddess within you in this beautiful experience. Awaken and discover your inner Devi for Devi is sanskrit for “She who shines!” Shed your fears, Spark your inner joy, Step fully into your power and be held lovingly by sisters. Break down barriers and limiting beliefs, allow your inner radiance to blossom. Within these sacred feminine workshops you will also be guided through self care practices such as breath work, massage, and chakra balancing meditation. Therapuetic art activities such as weaving your own dream catcher, Devi doll and journaling is also included. Some workshops are soft and gentle like Saraswati or Hestia, others more Shakti power like Durga or Artemis!

“Katie oozes femininity and grace with a large dose of skill, humility and humour.”– Jane Darke, Retreat Organizer, Bulgaria.

*For all my public classes, workshops and retreat offerings I am available to travel in and around London, locally across the UK and internationally. I am looking to partner with retreat centres in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Tenerife and Bali.*


Online Holistic Counseling Consultations

These are private and confidential well-being consultations which will allow you to discuss any of your current health concerns, be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. I can guide you to explore suggested remedies, activities and practices to help bring balance, regulate emotions and sleep patterns, release emotional trauma and more.

Your private one-to-one yoga and wellness sessions will provide personalised guidance and support for your practice. You can choose to work on a selected posture, explore asanas to support a health issue and develop a personalised practice tailored to your needs. We can work on pranayama or meditation, discover yoga nidra techniques to encourage feelings of groundedness and rest, I can facilitate reiki and chakra healing modalities and simple mindfulness excersizes you can incorporate into your daily life with extra herbal and esoteric advice.