Shewolf Belly Dance

This video of my latest performance was a challenging one for me, as it represents a side to me I have repressed for a long time and I wanted to set it free. In many ways I am a force of nature, I don’t conform to social expectations & I’ll never be obediant to anyone (unless respected). This performance involves me invoking the Wolf as a spirit animal and enjoying being very primal & earthy, and just like a Shewolf I can be solitary & private, although very loving & loyal to those closest to me. I performed at the Medicine Music Festival in Glastonbury and it was so much fun, I was surrounded by such lovely and encouraging people and I had my Aura photographed. It was a proper Hippie Festival full of magic and oddities, just utterly delightful!

The feedback I received was nothing but complete enthusiasm and support, people were approaching me telling me I bewitched them, that they have seen numerous belly dancers and yet none as good as me, asking if I teach and would I consider running workshops? I told them it is all in the pipe line with a lot more to offer! This is exciting times for me and I will be announcing some awesome news very soon! In the mean time, do have a watch of my dance video and I hope you guys love it as much as I loved performing it.


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