Croatia: day trip to Milna

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Milna is a small village on Brac Island off the coast of Split. We chose this beautiful sleepy village for a day trip instead of Bol because Bol is a massive tourist destination and hundreds of people would have been clogging up the beach and ruining the surrounding natural beauty. I do always try to avoid Touristy hotspots as it tends to ruin my day. Who wants to spend hours contained in a place full of screaming children, tomatoe burned Brits and miles of trash all over the sand? Not me. As an unconformist, I tend to try and venture to places unspoiled and peaceful.

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Milna is a short ferry and coach ride away but do keep checking the time in order to catch your coach back to the main port otherwise you will end up having to stay overnight. There are other cute villages on Brac Island alongside Bol & Milna so if you have the time or have a longer stay in Split I do recommend visiting them. Milna is situated in a deep bay oriented towards the island of Mrduja and Split Channel, on the west, meaning you get breath-taking views looking out to sea and the added quietness due to little or no tourists around. This place is a local secret, this is where Croatians like to go to (like me) avoid the tourists. Here you can potter about, enjoy some home made icecream, take a dip in the azure waters and sun bathe without a care in the world.

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Both Jon & I agreed that if we had the money and the means to support the cost of living, this would be an ideal place to live. From the look & feel of this place I’d imagine reasonably wealthy families & retired couples live here. And who can blame them? It’s a beautiful place! I began to day dream what it might be like to buy & renovate a potential appartment/Dance Studio to run workshops and retreats, oh the possibilities! The crystal clear sea, domestic healthy food, ideal condition for diving, sailing, fishing & fast connection to the main land make it an ideal place to emigrate and enjoy a beautiful lifestyle.


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