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What’s new? What’s Happened?

So What’s new? What Happened?

Where did I go? What’s changed? What new things are occuring?

Those who are new to this blog- welcome! Those who have followed me from my old blog Sunflowerteeth, thank you for sticking with me!

Katie Kalyani yoga teacher

There have been a few changes and will be a few more going forward and I wish to update you all.

The change of name from Sunflowerteeth to The Wild Yogi was a rebranding decision and works better with my profession as a yoga teacher and wellness mentor.

This blog will be part of my new website which is currently in the works and will house two main sections- My yoga teacher page and my Art portfolio.

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Ocean Dreaming Meditation for the Third Eye (FREE)

Script/Narration/Direction: Katie Ness
Ambient Sound mixed with Nature: Tobias Parsons.

According to healers: meditation is the simplest and the best way to awaken, vitalize and activate your third eye.

Meditation helps clear out the negative toxins from the body, channelize your energies and help you concentrate better.

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Earth Dance in the Woods


We are all wanderers on this earth, our hearts full of wonder, our souls deep with dreams. -Romani Proverb

My ancestry is Romani and my magickal practice is that of Hedgewitchery, I am also a Priestess of the Divine Feminine. I work a lot with Romani folk magick and I see my dancing and anything I create as a both a celebration to goddess and from goddess and to honour my ancestors. My main deities/archetypes that connect me to the sacred feminine are: Aphrodite (and mermaid symbolism), Isis, the Romani goddess Sara-La-Kali and Parvati (my name Kalyani is a varient of Parvati). I felt called to do a dance barefoot on the earth as a hymn of love to the great goddess. I adore that it started raining, you can almost see the tiny droplets, its as if my dancing conjured the rain. The dream catchers you see are handmade by me also.

This is also an extension of an ongoing personal project that started with a poem now published on Rebelle Society also titled “A Hymn of Love to the Earth” and will eventually be in a book I am hoping to publish as well as the creation of an oracle deck which will showcase my botanical illustrations. The elements governing this project are earth and water.

I felt called to dance like the ancient Shamans, Oracles, Priestessess and Rom people once did, to send healing and love to pachamama during a global crisis. Continue reading

The London Goddess Calls


Hello beautiful souls,
It’s been a short while since I’ve updated you all on me so here it is:
Craig and I have now been together for nearly 8 months (wow time flies) and it is the most easy going relationship ever. It just feels good and the energy flows like a river. So we’ve decided I’m going to move to London so we can start a life together
We’ve been living together in his home in Liverpool for the months of lockdown and he’s now gone down to London for further training in the MET (because he has passed his online theory training with flying colours ) and he’s also now hunting for a flat for us. It means we are apart for about a month but absence makes the heart grow fonder and love always finds a way. Craig also said “Its good practice for us for when the time comes that you’re away for weeks on end teaching on yoga retreats. We’ve got this!”

Like my time in Bali, I’m just going to surrender and see what happens. I have ideas and plans for my own career path but we’ll see what London has in store for me
As Tabitha Brown says “Coz it’s my business”.
Meaning I’ll forge my own path and if I want advice I’ll ask the person I feel is most appropriate. Continue reading

When people judge you


When ignorant people tell me I don’t practice yoga, it’s because they only want to see the “yoga” in fitness classes. When ignorant people see me practice the yoga they recognise, I’m suddenly the pretty girl in the picture doing a shallow yoga selfie that triggers others to feel bad about themselves and I’m probably vain and wasting time when I “should” be doing something society deems more important? So these two opinions are conflicting and hypocritical- which one do you think I am then? Continue reading

My 200hour Yoga Teacher Training with Jai Wellness

It’s November 2018 and the summer months before was a time when everything in my old life, fell apart. I had been waiting, saving and planning for a few years to make certain dreams manifest and now was the time. I’ve just turned 33 and I’m living back at my Dad’s house with my belongings in boxes, I’m feeling depleted with low self worth, yet I spend every day attending the local leisure centre’s gym to keep busy, prepare my body and visit the library to research which yoga teacher training I felt called to do? It seemed like the necessary next step to encourage me to change my life.

I initially had other ideas which I believed I was dead set on on at the time, over the past few years I was planning on doing my training on a Thai island; until I discovered Jai Wellness. This company piqued my interest because they advertised as a Holistic yoga teacher training with the inclusion of Ayurveda. With my love of holistic education, creative therapies and alternative medicine plus my basic knowledge of Ayurveda and my growing passion for nutrition and Herbalism, this training seemed to tick all the boxes and bring all the things I love together as one. How unique and magical?! I believe soon after being in contact with the lead teacher, reading a little bit more about the training, checking dates and discussing everything with a close friend; within a week of finding Jai Wellness I quickly secured my place with a deposit. It all happened so fast and it felt serendipitous.

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