What’s new? What’s Happened?

So What’s new? What Happened?

Where did I go? What’s changed? What new things are occuring?

Those who are new to this blog- welcome! Those who have followed me from my old blog Sunflowerteeth, thank you for sticking with me!

Katie Kalyani yoga teacher

There have been a few changes and will be a few more going forward and I wish to update you all.

The change of name from Sunflowerteeth to The Wild Yogi was a rebranding decision and works better with my profession as a yoga teacher and wellness mentor.

This blog will be part of my new website which is currently in the works and will house two main sections- My yoga teacher page and my Art portfolio.

My yoga teacher page will have all the information viewers will need to know my creditentials, offerings, my schedule and contact information to book me.

My art portfolio will simply showcase my best illustrations, dream catchers and more with contact details for those who wish to comission me for events, magazines, books and more.

This blog will continue being the heart of my brand but also showcase my publications and I’ll be starting up a Poetry Press/Podcast too!

On other News- The Exciting News

Phoenix Rising Book: Empowering memoirs writting by 7 courageous women

Olivia Beardsmore, the creatrix of Burning Woman Festival has asked me to write my story with 6 other women which will be published in a book and sold on amazon as well as other e-commerce sites and sellers.

This is incredibly exciting to me, after 8 years of writing for online sites plus a recent article in print for a magazine, I am now officially going to be published in a book coming out this May 2021.

Burning Woman Festival

Wild Woman Dreaming Workshop at Burning Woman is going ahead

With the release of government information about the corona virus, it seems like Burning Woman will go ahead this year! I know that Olivia is looking at all the rules and regulations that must be in order for it to happen but it looks promising.

On Friday evening of the 23rd July I will be performing a belly dance routine and then on the 25th July I will be teaching a women’s circle and dream catcher making workshop. Check out more information about my workshop here:

Burning Woman Festival

I am also proud to say I am the social media support too; managaing posts and engagement from all social media platforms.

Burning Woman Festival for women

Bee You, Bee Kind retreat in Bulgaria 2022

For the summer of 2022, a lovely woman named Jane Darke is renovating and opening up a small retreat centre in Bulgaria. The building is currently being worked on in preparation for next year. Jane is also learning bee keeping, herb growing and a breathwork teacher training to make the retreat a beautiful holistic-ego friendly experience.

A chef is being brought to the team to create vegan meals and I will be the lead teacher offering yoga, circles, dream catcher making, belly dance class and Reiki sessions.

Visit here for more information: Turning Simple Difficult

Trainings to add to my Teacher’s repertoire

Since lockdown I have been out of work and a lot of time on my hands so I spent a lot of time reading, self studying, watching documentaries and so on. But then a couple of trainings came up that I didn’t want to miss out on.

Pre/Post Natal Ayurveda – taught by my yoga teacher training providers Jai Wellness, this felt like a beautiful course. I have been toying with the idea of specializing in pregnancy yoga and a few friends mentioned I’d make a great birthing doula. Who knows what the future holds? But my wonderful partner gifted me the chance to do this course because I am lacking in funds right now.

I loved studying it so much and it involved so many fantastic Ayurvedic recipes to try. It has really fuelled my thirst to study more on Ayurveda.

Cacao Ceremonialist Training -Serap of Cacao Mama gifted me a sholarship/exchange for attending her training. I am providing her illustrations of the cacao plant for her website. I have just started this training and I love the idea of creating beautiful women’s circles with Cacao ceremony and gentle yoga!

I am excited to be able to offer “Sister Circles and Sacred Chocolate” or “Ayurvedic Womb yoga and Cacao”….Yummy!

Cacao Ceremony

Ectopic Pregnancy: The Horror story

I don’t want to discuss this story too deeply because it is still raw and I am still processing.

Just before Christmas we found out I was pregnant and we were overjoyed. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be and I was rushed into surgery to save my life. I had spent two weeks in a lot of pain in my lower abdomen and bleeding quite heavily (which I thought was implantation bleeding or sometimes its early miscarriage).

It turns out it was Ectopic and I was bleeding internally into my stomach because the fetus had ruptured my left fallopian tube.

I am very blessed the doctors saved my life but I am grieving the loss of my fallopian tube and the pregnancy.

This near death experiance has given me a new perspective on life too. I have so much more clarity about realizing how short life is, so just go do everything that brings you joy.

But also practice kindness and let go of past hurts, fall outs and grudges-it’s not worth it. We forget our own mortality, we are not hear forever, be careful how you treat others, you might just regret it.

Future Projects- The three P’s!

podcast and poetry press

Podcast: As mentioned above. I’ll be starting a podcast, I hope to post one once a month and it will mainly celebrate amazing women doing amazing things however I am all for inclusivity too so everyone is welcome!

Poetry Book: This is currently on the back burner until the above projects are completed, however it is slowly coming together and will include paintings, illustrations, pressed flowers, a short story or two; plus about 50 poems. I want this to be a real feast for the eyes. It will be self published and available on amazon.

Poetry Press: After 8 years writing articles for multiple wellness sites, plus over 3 years as social media support and content writing for blogs, being published in printed magazine and soon to be published in two books. I feel it is time to run my own small online poetry and creative writing press- to become an editor.

I’ll be Co-editor of this with my wonderful friend Claire Walker who has also cultivated a fantastic writer’s portfolio of work plus her passion for fine art, print making and book making.

The plan is for Claire to be in charge of any submissions that revolve around Art reviews, exhibitions or performances. She will also be reviewing articles on subjects around feminism.

I will mainly be in charge of poetry, witchy writings and women’s wellness submissions. As well as the Podcast.

It will be a quarterly online magazine to keep it Ayurvedic and based on the seasons and if it expands we hope to add more editors to manage newer catagories that develope.

Phew! That is a lot of things to take in! I look forward to sharing all these gifts with everyone!

In case you missed it, have a read through my article with Kindred Spirit Magazine

Katie Kalyani yoga teacher

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