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Kindred Spirit Magazine front cover

Kindred Spirit Magazine gave me the opportunity to be published with them in PRINT

This is a dream come true to progress from being an online wellness content writer and I hope it continues.

I have projects in the works that involves being published in books very soon!

Since 2014, when it all started with Yogi Approved, I have been an online wellness content writer.

I have gone on to write for platforms like: Bad Yogi Magazine, Rebelle Society, Elephant Journal, Meditation Magazine and others alike.

But this is my first article in PRINT!

Kindred Spirit Magazine article

A Return to the Sacred Circle: Goddesses in Every Woman

The article explores the rise in goddess gatherings that weave support group-like circles with a temple-like structure.

Why it’s needed? Why now? And why the sacred feminine was lost but being found again.

I discuss Red Tents, ancient high priestesses and the Be Woman Project.

Kindred Spirit: a return to the sacred circle

The Be Woman Project.

This is an organization that teaches of sisterhood in relation to ancient Vedic goddesses and that “goddess” is not separate from the individual

Tthis is why in places like India it is common to call a woman “Devi” after her birth name.

Devi is Sanskrit for “She who shines” or “Goddess”.

The Be Woman Project teaches to see each woman in the circle as a sister,

As someone you admire but also someone who shines regardless of her pain.

We celebrate each woman in all her moods, light, pain, talents and life stories.

We do not judge, compete, backstab, gossip or act out of jealousy, spite and revenge.

The Be Woman Project teaches of self love, sanctifying ourselves and each other and recognizing our own short comings, projections, shadows and traumas yet knowing our worth regardless.

And that each woman carries a painful story behind her eyes, so we cherish her and raise her up, rather than tearing her down.

I managed to created a high resolution PDF version of my article

Read it here: A Return to the Sacred Circle

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