Elephant Journal: Love in time of Covid (Love Poem)

Elephant Journal love poem, love in time of covid

Elephant Journal is a platform I published with back in 2016 when I wrote some prose about simple pleasures such as being in Happy Baby pose during a yoga class.

Read it here: Lessons learned in Happpy Baby pose; Let your life fall apart

For Valentine’s day this year (2021) I felt this urge to write a love prose for my partner as a surprise since he was at work for the majority of the day.

Luckily his birthday is the 15th and he was scheduled to have that day off.

I calculated to have it brought to his attention by tagging him on facebook with the link, the moment he walks through the door as a surprise.

Candles and insence were lit and I had made him a curry. We spent the rest of the evening and his birthday watching Rom Com’s in our Pj’s.

We also bought two new plants for the apartment as Valentine’s gifts to each other.

Here is a glimpse into the Love Prose

I love you like the magnolia tree loves the Spring.

I kiss you like the river kisses the sea.

I merge with you the way time makes love to the seasons.

My heart beats with yours the way birds soar across the sky and the bee hums in the meadow;

and I am at peace in your arms like the daffodil held by the earth.- Katie Ness

Society teaches us that true love either doesn’t exist or that it’s unattainable,

we can grasp the concept slightly by indulging in movies like The Notebook or Hope Floats.

And then in our own relationships we’re told after the first 6 months of unbridled passion that this gorgeous energy will subside,

we are expected to accept the decline in romance, passion and friendship, as routine and comfort sets in……….

that this is normal?

We collectively accept this is how relationships really are. And that TRUE love  practiced every day is just a fairytale.

But what if I told you that it does exist? This is my true love story…..

I met you on a frosty November night, flowers in your hands waiting nervously for me,

as I stepped off the train wearing an elegant red dress, red lipstick, and my white winter coat.

Jasmine perfume coiled through my ebony curly hair in the glacial air…..”

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