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Elephant Journal: Love in time of Covid (Love Poem)

Elephant Journal love poem, love in time of covid

Elephant Journal is a platform I published with back in 2016 when I wrote some prose about simple pleasures such as being in Happy Baby pose during a yoga class.

Read it here: Lessons learned in Happpy Baby pose; Let your life fall apart

For Valentine’s day this year (2021) I felt this urge to write a love prose for my partner as a surprise since he was at work for the majority of the day.

Luckily his birthday is the 15th and he was scheduled to have that day off.

I calculated to have it brought to his attention by tagging him on facebook with the link, the moment he walks through the door as a surprise.

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Magic in the Mundane: An illustrated short story

Illustrations of an Elephant Hawk Moth &  Broad Bordered Bee Hawk Moth. 

I’ve spent the last two months living in a tree house surrounded by jungle and fireflies and an orchestra of frogs singing crooked lullaby’s to the skies to send the thunderstorms to sleep. I lived with a goddess who wore a dress made of forests and with eyes so deep like worlds within world within worlds. And whose name reminded me of trinkets and raindrops. A hummingbird dances around her heart when she smiles.
We laughed. We cried. We had morning tea together and turned the pan black by accidentally burning the rice in our cupboard-like kitchen that we shared with a friendly gecko.

I managed to convince new friends on the yoga teacher training that I am indeed a mermaid and that my sea coloured dress morphs into a tail at night and that the fireflies following me turn into silverfish that swim in the air and circle around me when the moon is fat. When I sleep I am taken back to the ocean by a humpback whale who navigates the way with a lantern and her brass compass.

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