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Meditation Magazine

Meditation Magazine (online) published my article and if you’d like to have a read, then cosy up with a cup of tea and click on the link below!

Meditation Magazine: How Meditation Benefits Me

Before I discovered the physical aspect of Yoga in my early twenties, meditation and mindful day-dreaming were always part of my daily life. It was something I practiced naturally as a little girl.

I have memories of walking my dog in the rose gardens at my local park and sit quietly with the flowers, cloud gazing or being present with the bumblebees.

When I say “mindful day-dreaming” I mean, this isn’t something that just happens and I am suddenly away with the fairies.

I meditate on a visual journey I wish to explore and I take my mind there. It has been my foundation for all my art, creative writing and poetry projects. It also gives me the concentration I need for yoga asana practice.

Meditation has helped me overcome social anxiety, shyness, writer’s block and feelings of low self worth. Visual journey magic with a hint of meditation brings my mind to focus.

Meditating allows for difficult thoughts to surface peacefully and encourages emotional regulation through observing and combing through thoughts and feelings that bubble up. I allow myself to cry, smile and even drift off to sleep sometimes. I simply surrender to the moment……”

This article also includes two FREE meditation recordings, you can to listen at your leisure.

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