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Meditation Magazine Article (+Two FREE Meditations)

Meditation Magazine

Meditation Magazine (online) published my article and if you’d like to have a read, then cosy up with a cup of tea and click on the link below!

Meditation Magazine: How Meditation Benefits Me

Before I discovered the physical aspect of Yoga in my early twenties, meditation and mindful day-dreaming were always part of my daily life. It was something I practiced naturally as a little girl.

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Ocean Dreaming Meditation for the Third Eye (FREE)

Script/Narration/Direction: Katie Ness
Ambient Sound mixed with Nature: Tobias Parsons.

According to healers: meditation is the simplest and the best way to awaken, vitalize and activate your third eye.

Meditation helps clear out the negative toxins from the body, channelize your energies and help you concentrate better.

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My Altar, My Heart Space


Here is a recent altar I have created- this is a peak into my heart. It was my time with the Be Woman Project and my teacher Sharada who encouraged me to follow my heart and be true to myself. It is the trainings with the Be Woman Project that helped me know my magic again.
I’ve been creating altars since I was about 13, I’d use trinkets and natural objects with photos to decorate on a shelf in my room and I’ve been creating altars ever since.

I have a sweet memory of my mum coming to me with a small black bowl and said “My little water fountain has broke so I had to throw it away, thought you might want to use the bowl as a cauldron?”

Even though she didn’t understand what I was doing because we are from a Roman Catholic family. She still gave me that bowl as her way of telling me she accepts that part of me ( to some degree).

My spirituality is very grounded and earthy. Everything you see on the table are simply symbolic of memories and happy thoughts. It is my little place of refuge, my temple. When times are rough, I just sit by an altar and I’m reminded of my self worth, loved ones, sacred beauty, my travels, my dreams and much more.

I do not “worship” all these things. They are representations of what already resides in me and out in the world. As above so below.
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Alchemy of the Heart Meditation

During lockdown I was a little upset with myself because I felt that I wasn’t able to be of service to help others, I felt useless and selfish. So many people were making free masks, yoga classes online and inspiring content simply to cheer everyone up.

What was I doing? What could I do to contribute? I currently don’t have the space to offer classes online but I do have a soft, calming voice and a talent for writing! So I set myself the task of writing articles for people’s amusement and scripting meditations! It has taken a short while but my first meditation is now up on Sound Cloud. It is not perfect but it is created to a high standard (to the best of my ability, using basic equipment). Continue reading