Ocean Dreaming Meditation for the Third Eye (FREE)

Script/Narration/Direction: Katie Ness
Ambient Sound mixed with Nature: Tobias Parsons.

According to healers: meditation is the simplest and the best way to awaken, vitalize and activate your third eye.

Meditation helps clear out the negative toxins from the body, channelize your energies and help you concentrate better.

Forms of meditation can also help you be self-aware, active your Ajna chakra, shift your state of consciousness to higher states with every session, thereby taking away anxiety and worries from the root and transcend into the innermost thought processes and make it work at the fullest capacity.

Doing so can also put back focus on your mind, improve concentration and boost clarity.

This Ocean Dreaming Meditation activates the third eye gently to the sound of the ocean, solfeggio frequencies and more!

The focus of this Ocean Dreaming meditation are:

Ajna Chakra: Working to invoke feelings of day dreaming to open the third eye gently. Many people struggle to tap into that playful, mystical energy of the third eye so I created something that felt like a dream.

Ayurveda (Pitta Dosha): This is also a perfect meditation to pacify Pitta types as it invites Pitta to explore their imagination in a flowing and gentle way. Pitta can overheat in their body-mind because they constantly NEED to move.

This meditation does have a sense of movement in it, to avoid boredom but it’s a cooling free-flowing movement with a mild sense of adventure.

Mental Health: Focussing on decreasing anxiety, expansion, freedom, exploring sensory environments within the mind.

Sound Artist Tobias Parsons: linktr.ee/TWKMusic?fbclid=IwAR…WBOQHhpIKAp1rwo-_xEM

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I am currently scripting a third meditation that is Kapha pacifying and helps balance the root chakra! Soon after that I will be narrating poetry for my illustrated poetry book and record!

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