The Secrets of Scorpio (They’re actually like Pokemon)

The Secrets of Scorpio

Scorpio is a favourite sign of mine

I am a Scorpio rising and I have Scorpio in my Mercury so whilst I’m not an actual Scorpio-I do share some traits

What people don’t realize about the archetype of Scorpio is that it’s a very sensitive and vulnerable sign. Like Cancerians with the tough outer shell but soft centre, Scorpios (scorpions) protect their softness inside their exoskeleton as armour and their famous sting is their sword. How they use this power is what we’re discussing here.

So lets look at the Secrets of Scorpio

There are actually 4 types of Scorpios-they’re basically like pokemon-evolving by shedding their karma and maturing.

Represented by the life-death cycle, Scorpios have more karma to let go of than any other sign-hence why when they nip-they cling to emotions and find it hard to let go and that is their greatest life lesson- to surrender and let go with love.

If you have watched the second Maleficent movie- this is the epitome of a Scorpio rising to love, rather than falling to rage and spite.

Maleficent (symbolic of the dark fairy/eagle) could use all her power and rage to take revenge on the evil queen, but instead she turns round and sacrifices herself with grace and love for Aurora and so she dies but is reborn as the phoenix.

So here is my point. Scorpio (or people with scorpio in their chart) are prone to fermented anger and bitterness that they cling too, they can sit in their darkness and anger for years like Hades on his throne (which is their main associated god) or they can transcend it with unconditional love.

Many Scorpios who follow the path of love, often become healers (turning poison to cures).Here are the 4 types:

The Scorpion:

The first stage of transformation, represents our baser emotions, the darker emotions that we embrace. Low vibrational impulses seduce Scorpio as they continually react without understanding, empathy, or thought. The Scorpion easily expresses jealousy and anger, the primary source of Scorpio’s reactive behavior.

The Scorpion represents Scorpio at it’s rawest form; this is Scorpio at their most destructive and intimidating. There are two subtypes however. Like the Scorpion in the wild, the bigger ones are quite docile and the tiny ones are deadly. One Scorpio will only attack to defend itself and loved ones, the other will attack because it enjoys the power and inflicting the pain they feel inside themselves onto others.

The docile Scorpio are usually quite gentle souls, timid and philosophical. The “nastier” Scorpio will sit in their venom for years and lash out- but it’s just armour for all the hurt they feel inside and they don’t know how to release it and transcend it (remember the soft centre).

An unhappy Gemini (being an air sign) finds it easy to communicate and will say “I feel sad and this is why”, A leo will bite your head off and a Libra will sulk, an unevolved Scorpio that has pent up rage and emotions hidden in the deep will release it by letting you have it, which is not so great for the person recieving the hurtful words and behaviours; what they’re feeling is “I’m in pain, so I’ll sting you to know what it feels like!”

These Scorpios therefore can’t let go of their pain/karma, it sits in their body and manifests into bitterness and spite and thus more vemon and so it’s a viscious circle of death.But Scorpio has extreme power to create life from the ashes, in order for that, they need to see their darkness and bring it to the light.

This Scorpio is the most spiteful and vengeful. Unlike the Mars-ruled Aries, who will confront someone and go toe-to-toe with him or her in order to settle a disagreement, Scorpions will wait (for years if need be) until their prey is in a vulnerable position and use the element of surprise when confronting them, they will befriend you like a smiling crocodile, learn all your secrets and vulnerabilities then SNAP use it against you!

This Scorpio will strike you hard with what they know will sting you, then freeze you out like the iceyness of their planet Pluto.Ancient astrology refers to them as the serpent, and it’s not hard to guess which category of evolution the ones you meet belong to, a few Scorpios fall somewhere between the eagle and the stinging scorpion-victims of their own black magic/poison.

The Grey Lizard:

Nocturnal and depressed, these creatures can be neurotic and internally bitter-withdrawing from society entangled in their solitary hatred. These Scorpios struggle to tap into the power of Pluto to lift them high above all their unfortunate circumstances- their awesome untapped molten stregnth buried within could give them new life in the sunlight but they seek the dark shadows and lie dormant and sit in their slime.

The Plutonian revenge manifests in bitterness held in for years and causes deep melancholy, chronic physical illness and seething Scorpio resentment turned inward. The stinging Scorpion inflicts pain outwardly and the grey lizard inflicts it on themselves. Their pain should be transmuted and conqueredBut it is never too late to transform into the eagle or blossom out of the mud like the lotus seeking the light.

The Scorpion/Grey Lizard eventually realizes that the best way to bring peace to mind, body, and spirit is through spiritual enlightenment, personal awareness, and growth, burning away their reactive behaviour. This newfound awareness eventually leads to the next transformational stage…The Eagle.

The Eagle:

These glorious souls have a soaring path, they’re usually quite lucky in life and finances, rising above limitations and earthly dramas, they use their power wisely and justly. Is considered a symbol of courage and power.

The Eagle flies freely, aware of its surroundings and influence. Typical eagles have no fear, in battle they will lead you into the face of death and bowels of hell without trembling and they will stand by your side throughout.

Death is the road to awe! I have met one Eagle and she is such a breath of fresh air- has no fear of getting on a plane even during this strange global time.They are intensely loyal friends and will stand by you during the most darkest times in your life. Enjoying a challenge and they deliberatley seek out drama to test their emotional stregnths, you can really lean on an eagle.

The eagle will still crush their enemies, so that the enemy learns never to hurt them again, wins the fight and leaves the defeated to go their own way. The deadly Scorpion will sting then continue to plan destruction (revenge) and sting again and again and again- unable to let go.An eagle will claw you when needed and then fly away. Very protective of their brood and very gentle towards their loved ones.

The Eagle conquers their pain by looking up and forgiving, life is too short- there’s clouds and sky to fly over! Eagles do not lash out vindictivley, they may get angry and have a short temper but they rise above it, they never look back in anger or retaliation. The eagle represents the more mature Scorpio. The eagle soars above all others, watching and learning.

As an eagle, the Scorpio is becoming more of a spiritual being, trusting “God” to handle its affairs of revenge and karma- the scorpion is proactive in inflicting revenge, the eagle will say “Lets try and sort this out but what goes around comes around”.

The Scorpion has reached a state of maturity as the Eagle and is at a state where they rely heavily on intuition and wisdom to solve personal problems and assist the ails of others. These are highly compassionate and generous souls.Eagles are, of course, still quite protective of their young; this protectiveness is never given up, even as the kids get older- the Eagle is generous and compassionate.

The eagle raises its young to be strong and self sufficient, once again trusting in God to lead the children down the right path of life, encuraging them to soar high and lead with honour and integrity.

There is dark and light in all the signs but what is beautiful about Scorpio is the intensity that they feel this push and pull of dark and light within themselves and humanity and they have the emotional strength to carry it and go deeper. It is also another reason why friendship with Libra is good- Libra understands the need to balance yin/yang, light/dark and so on.

Scorpio-eagles has the capacity to dive deep into the darkness of the mind, your mind and theirs- they truly have no fear of the dark and they can hold you tight with such fierce kindness and then pick you up and help you soar high in the sky with them.

The Phoenix:

Pluto’s symbol is the triumphant phoenix, rising from its own smouldering ashes, Scorpio represents resurection from the grave. Both the grey lizard and stinging scorpion can become the uplifting and proud eagles but Scorpio-Phoenixs are quite rare, when you meet a phoenix there is no Scorpio sting about them, they’re more forgiving than a Pisces, more loving than a Libra, more compassionate than an Aquarius, more gregarious than a Leo and so on. Their magic is utter unconditional love and they have a warm glow about them.

I have only ever met two firebirds who portrays the unconditional love of a phoenix , one is a kundalini yoga teacher who gave up wealth, material posessions, practices celibacy and lives in an ashram. It’s not her lifestyle that’s important here, it’s her ability to LET GO and therefore let go of all dense and intense earthly emotions and pain – she’s free from her pain and anger-she only ever forgives, loves and offers her services for donations. She’s transended “herself”.

The extreme-natured Scorpio is tempered, Reborn from the ashes, renewed, and rejuvenated as The Phoenix representing the capacity for empathetic observation without judgment, thus an expansion of compassion and disillusionment of self. The Phoenix strongly associated with rebirth, resurrection, and transformation is a symbol that represents Scorpio breaking the chains of attachment associated with ego and baser behaviours, having learned the lesson of letting go.

Scorpios flowers are thistle and honesuckle.

If you can brave the sting of the thistle, you will be let into their inner world and feel the gentle side of Scorpio that is soothing and sweet like the honesuckle.Scorpios are deeply complex and surprisingly soft inside.

A scorpio that displays bold, brash dramatics but still exudes the frosty detachment of Pluto usually crave love but fear closeness. Give them a hug and tell them you love them.

Scorpios also usually mate for life, again that clingy possessivness! Its’ not a “needy” posessiveness. It’s a desire to know their lover on a soul level-in all their darkness and their light and they’re saying to you “Trust me, I can handle your darkness!”

Scorpios are the mystics of the zodiac

highly intuitive and deep they are good at spotting a genuine soul over fakery. Their magic is powerful but caution to use it wisely- depending on their evolution, some Scorpios tamper with black magic which breeds suspision and jealousy or can use their knowledge to heal and comfort?

Many Scorpios become herbalists, healers, reiki masters, doctors, therapists or high priestessess because of their capacity to tap into the magic of life-as long as their intentions are pure of heart. One Scorpio I know has an uncanny ability to know when someone has passed-morbid I know but considering Scorpio is ruled by Hades, it’s not surprising. As mentioned before, if Libra is the gatekeeper, Scorpio rules over all that’s related to life/death-the primal side to life and the descent into the underworld where it’s dark and murky.

The dark night of the soul is where great healing can take place.Scorpio can use their power to become vengeful like Hades (in the Disney Hercules) or walk with grace like Hecate, forgiving lost souls the way Jesus forgave his enemies “Forgive them for they know not what they do”.

Also symbolised by the dove of peace (when evolved) they make great friendships with Libra who is governed by Aphrodite and her totem animal is the dove. As stated previously in Libra musings, Scorpios feel safe around Libras, to let their guard down and show their softer side. Scorpios are quite fascinating and sadly given a bad reputation because of the lesser evolved, more malicious types.

But really, they’re a beautiful sign: extremley deep and emotional, honest, loyal and if they love you, you’ve got a loyal and faithful friend who will defend you to the death, won’t leave you alone in your hell- they’ll go through the pain with you, to experience it and turn it into love. If your life feels like a field of thistles, a mature Scorpio will walk with you through those thistles and help you build a garden of honeysuckles and sweetness.

Scorpios have a great capacity to turn darkness into life, lemons into lemonade, nettles into healing tea, sadness into songs and hate into love. The only sign in the zodiac that can transmute hate (and accumilated karma attached to that) into absolute pure love and peace, it’s up to them which path they wish to take and how they use that power.

Do they continue down the constant death cycle or turn it into the wheel of fortune of life-death-rebirth-love? “With great power, comes great responsibility”

During this Scorpio time:

Let go with love, go within and bring any hurt trapped in your body and release with grace. Write a list of things you might want to forgive or let go of.

Herbal tea for Scorpio: nettle tea or kombucha, rasberry leaf tea

Yoga for Scorpio: Eagle arms, Exalted Warrior, Bridge pose, bow pose

Essential oil for Scorpio: Sandalwood, clary sage, lavender, and geranium.

Crystals for Scorpio: Soothing moonstone, rose quartz for love, Rhodochrosite for unconditional love and forgiveness.

Colours for Scorpio: White and pink to soothe and restore balance.

Goddess for Scorpio: Call on Quan Yin for unconditional love and compassion, Green Tara the goddess of enlightened action, Sarasvati the goddess of self knowledge, Akhilanda the goddess of never not broken and Machig Labdron- the diamond hearted dakini “I see the light in my own darkness, my heart soars high, I face my ego beliefs so that I can set my soul free and love with pure peace!”

“Everything happens for my liberation, I choose to become only more love.”- Akhilanda

In the image above notice the phoenix flame behind her but her gaze is soft and knowing- there is no rage here in this Scorpio

Read more about this Vedic goddess (an avatar of Durga) Interestingly she rides a Crocodile- symbolic of the Scorpion conquering her darker self. Read more about her here:

Blessed be and NamasteOm Aim Saraswati Namah

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