My Altar, My Heart Space


Here is a recent altar I have created- this is a peak into my heart. It was my time with the Be Woman Project and my teacher Sharada who encouraged me to follow my heart and be true to myself. It is the trainings with the Be Woman Project that helped me know my magic again.
I’ve been creating altars since I was about 13, I’d use trinkets and natural objects with photos to decorate on a shelf in my room and I’ve been creating altars ever since.

I have a sweet memory of my mum coming to me with a small black bowl and said “My little water fountain has broke so I had to throw it away, thought you might want to use the bowl as a cauldron?”

Even though she didn’t understand what I was doing because we are from a Roman Catholic family. She still gave me that bowl as her way of telling me she accepts that part of me ( to some degree).

My spirituality is very grounded and earthy. Everything you see on the table are simply symbolic of memories and happy thoughts. It is my little place of refuge, my temple. When times are rough, I just sit by an altar and I’m reminded of my self worth, loved ones, sacred beauty, my travels, my dreams and much more.

I do not “worship” all these things. They are representations of what already resides in me and out in the world. As above so below.

What is going on in our mind and bodies is also happening within the subtle realms and consciousness of mama earth and of the cosmos. You could say my practice is animistic

Everything I do or create is with deep meaning and symbolism.


Animism encourages people to love and respect everything, it reminds us that something somewhere took time to create that object whether hand crafted, grown or born. It is thanking that being for its presence in ones life and encourages a sense of wholeness. Meaning it prevents me from being addicted to consuming, clutter and owning huge amounts of material posessions.

My wellbeing and happiness does not depend fundamentally on obtaining consumer goods, fast fashion and material possessions. My altar (and some clothes, art material and books) are all I have in this world and I wish to keep it that way. I only buy things I know will form a sort of bond with me. Having this little refuge reminds me to stay grounded and consider what’s important.

This is my little temple, a place I come to for peace and even a touch of magic in the mundane.


Ever since I can remember I have always been a deep thinker contemplating life’s great mysteries and feeling so wonderfully small in this vast universe. I have also always been very creative so bringing these two strong personality traits together and this is the root reason why I love creating altars and teaching others to consider building one for themselves too.

A personal Altar can help bridge the gap between inner intention and outer life.

The process of reflecting on intentions and prayers, identifying an object that represents that, and seeing that object on a daily basis can help deepen those intentions and prayers. It is a very personal and intimate practice but it evolves alongside you. Some people change it depending on the full moon, others build a new altar for each season or for a specific deity. Some, like me, simply go with the flow and change it when they feel called to.

Whatever your resons, it is deeply satisfying to be creative, tapping into the soulful part of you. It is an excellcent mindfulness and art as therapy exercise.


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