Aquarius Full Moon in Leo


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It is the Aquarius full moon in the season of Leo.
This is an interesting mix for sure. Especially for my partner who is an Aquarius with a Leo moon. Things will feel topsy turvy for him in relation to matters of the heart. Leo rules the heart anyway (Leo Lionheart!) and the moon governs our emotions. Needless to say my partner at this time will struggle with flipping from emotion to thought, emotion to thought. For Leo tends to be extroverted feeling and Aquarius, whilst expressive and a bit of an eccentric, has introverted thought processess and they tend to overthink like a computer with a million tabs open.

But he has his moon in Leo, so deep down he’s a cuddly lion (I’m super lucky about this, I’m his Queen and I get the best hugs). As his best friend says “Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, Craig wears his all over his body.”- ACCURATE.

Heavenly forecast: Month of Leo with Aquarius Moon
Craig: Aquarius sun, Leo Moon

The Sun entered it’s home sign of Leo on August 1st, bringing with it a fresh and optimistic, gregarious outlook. Today the Full Moon occurs in the opposite sign of Aquarius, a colder more aloof placement. We may feel a strong push-pull energy this Full Moon, for Leo and Aquarius are opposite axis (Like Libra/Aries for example).
Axis points are important to understand as they represent opposing energies that also compliment each other. Leo and Aquarius are very different, yet they contain seeds of the other. Much like a yin and yang symbol.

Leo energy is connected to the Sun, so it’s warm, Aquarius is connected to Saturn & Uranus so it’s more cold and distant. Leo is all about self and being the leader, whereas Aquarius is all about the collective, the world and humanity.

The Leo/Aquarius axis is all about the Individual and the Collective, the Self and the Whole, The Personal Ego and Humanity, the Inner work and the Outer work.

This Full Moon, we must ask ourselves – how can we balance the needs and desires of the collective, of humanity and balance it with our own individual wants and desires? How can we do both our inner personal work, and outer collective work at the same time?

We can’t just focus on one or the other, the time is now to balance both, in the midst of this opposing storm, there is a middle ground of absolute peace and boundaries, we ask what do YOU truly desire?. – As a Libra I am all about BALANCE and finding peace within the chaos. Which then makes me the perfect match for Craig.

As with any full moon, the Sun and Moon oppose each other. Very often around a Full Moon anything which has been unconscious to us comes to light.

The Sun is shining fully on the moon and brightening it, we may feel ‘loony’ – derived from the word lunar, lunatic – as our ‘shadow’ selves come to light.

The shadow self in relation to Aquarius then asks us to consider who we are (the self/Leo) in relation to the world (humanity/Aqaurius) and maybe don’t jump fully on the band wagon to follow everyone else…Be a Lion in the midst of sheep?

Aquarius are renowned for being unique in friend circles but can get caught up in doing what looks right for everyone else- but maybe it doesn’t FEEL right?

If Aquarians can tap into their eccentricities WITH the power of the self within Leo then these people will shine so bright, they will have their own mind and won’t fall to the power of the crowd. Taking that step to know thyself takes great courage, the courage of Leo will help with that. If not then Aquarius can lose their sense of identity as they struggle to carry the burden of the world/others on their shoulders (the water carrier).

Aquarius need to learn to help others drink up their own problems, rather than carrying it for them. People can not grow if they are constantly being carried- Much like babies won’t learn to walk if they are always carried.

This full moon we will all feel these opposing forces. Self love is NOT selfish. It is good to help others but don’t be a door mat either. Create balance, create boundaries.

Crystals bring balance: Rose quartz, Rhodochrosite and Chrysocolla.

Yoga for balance: Tree pose, dancer pose and half moon pose.

Tea for balance: Chamomile, Saffron, Gotu Kola and St. John’s Wort.

“Love but let go. Set boundaries but let some people in. Spend time alone but also with loved ones. Do things for others but take care of you. FIND BALANCE.”– Buddhist teachings

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