Stoke Your Agni, and Celebrate Your Inner Radiance: Article with Rebelle Society


This is my final article of the year and its one so very close to my heart. I somehow managed to combine Ayurvedic/Yoga philosophy with Pagan concepts and a hint of Jungian psychology.

I believe that everything is connected, not just energetically but in language and in myths and fairytales. In this article I talk about the Greek name “Kore” which is pronounced “Kor-ee” and means “Young girl, Princess, Maiden” but it looks like the English word “Core” for Apple Core which sounds like “Kaur”, the Indian/Sikh name for “Princess, Maiden”. See how language is connected? See how the myth of Persephone being the “Kore” had to find her “core” self in the underworld and thus transcend beyond the persona of Princess and become a Queen.

And so here in this article I explore how Ayurvedic concepts are not that much different to Pagan beliefs. This is a time to remeber the light within us, nutritionally we eat warming foods to stoke our Agni and the Solar Plexus but as we descend into darkness, we explore our inner radiance like the Greek goddesses Hestia, Persephone and Hecate.

I truly love writing for Rebelle Society because they allow me to be true to myself, which in turn makes me couragous with how I write.

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.” ~ Albert Camus

The winter season is a time for reflection and introspection. This time of year gives us a chance to slow down and prepare ourselves for a new beginning. It is a time to allow our inner radiance to shine like a candle in the darkness, reminding us that there will be light again when spring arrives. It is a time to celebrate our inner light.

Each December, the Northern Hemisphere reaches a critical juncture — the winter solstice, the day upon which the hours of daylight are at their least​. In the old almanacs, the winter solstice or Yule was symbolized by a wheel, The Great Wheel of the Zodiac, The Wheel of Life, representing a turning of the year.

Pagan traditions describe this time as the turning point at which the Goddess once again becomes the Great Mother, and gives birth to the new Sun King — a symbolic reminder that we too can give birth to new beginnings, new hope, and a new dawn. -Katie Ness

“How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being, otherwise we all remain too frightened.” ~ Hafiz

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