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“The word reiki is a Japanese word for “universal life force energy.” But what is reiki, exactly?

Reiki is a subtle energy therapy, commonly practiced by light touch or “layering on of hands,” either gently on the body (if patient allows) or slightly above it, bringing the hands within the auric field and other koshas (which are the 5 sheaths of the aura that are like layers of an onion of the subtle body).

In essence, reiki is the practice of administering an unseen “life force” energy (also known as prana) that flows from the universal life force, through the crown chakra and out from the hands (which act as portals) for the reiki (life force energy) to stream through to the person receiving the treatment.”

Read more here: What is Reiki?

I haven’t written for Yogi Approved in a long time and they’ve asked me to write more about the Chakras, Reiki and Crystal healing in the near future so watch this space!

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