Yoga Love


Things I am grateful for:
The smell of the earth after the rain
Whipped cream
Erotic poetry
The sound of birds in the morning
Brazilian knickers
Reading a good book
The smell of incense
Cloud gazing
Saying hello to bumblebees
Moisturising my skin with oils and pretending I’m the queen of Egypt

Making love (and knowing what that feels like for the first time because of you)
Day dreaming about my past lives
Dream journaling
Nature journaling
Eating rocket salad from the packet like a ravenous rabbit
Morning snuggles and kisses as the light pours into the room
Watching you sleep
Falling asleep on your chest and listening to your heartbeat
Enjoying the impermanence of life and therefore truly loving every moment
Laughing uncontrollably with a loved one
Spirit sisters telling me they love me
Leg warmers
long floaty dresses and skirts
Ethnic jewellery
Listening to summer rain
The smell of freshly baked bread
The smell of garlic
Chai tea
Making a den in the living room
Forest bathing
Hearing my spirit sister sing
Watching my other spirit sister dancing
Listening to other spirit sisters talk and giggle
Sacred ceremony
Believing that Mother Earth is a living, breathing entity
Meditating, yoga asana and Kirtan
Belly dance
Learning about herbalism
Feeling like Cyprus and Bali are second homes, countries close to my heart
Dancing (even in shops)
Watching and singing to the moon, the stars and thunderstorms
Friends telling me their love stories
Feeling ready for the next step and therefore feeling extremely feminine and in tune with my body.

I’ve always been a detail oriented person, I like to take notice of the small yet sacred beauties of this world and of my daily life. I’ve always been this way and have been ridiculed in the past as a day dreamer or an air head who can not focus. But this is actually great strength in noticing and loving every beautiful moment in my life which then encourages resilience and joy even when times are rough.

What are you grateful for? What little things bring you joy? Take a pause and notice…


I am grateful I have finally met someone who makes daily life feel easy. He’s just easy to spend time with and this is how it should be. I don’t feel frightened to be myself, I don’t feel repressed. All we do is talk, dance, sing, go for walks, laugh, cook together, fall asleep together and its so wonderfully easy-going. When we do have disagreements I never feel invalidated or fearful to have an opinion. I’m allowed to be frustrated, angry and confused (as is he) and I feel safe to express my worries and concerns.

He doesn’t make me feel bad for simply being me and he is present, really present with me when we talk or make love and this is a huge difference to previous relationships where I’ve been ignored, mistreated, made to feel my wants, desires, dreams are not as important. Craig celebrates creativity, togetherness and love. I’ve always wanted a relationship like this so to wake up with him every day knowing he’d be happy and excited to do yoga together, create a video, go to the gym, cook a meal together is a breaht of fresh air. Its never just on his terms, its always dependant on how we both feel and he’s very accomodating and compassionate. I am grateful we are together during this difficult time globally.





I love you like the magnolia tree loves the Spring. I kiss you like the river kisses the sea. I merge with you the way time makes love to the seasons. My heart beats with yours the way birds soar across the sky and the bee hums in the meadow and I am at peace in your arms like the daffodil held by the earth (poem by me)

We are already discussing marriage and kids which is wonderful I can talk about such things with him. From a personal point of view, based on my journey and trauma, I’ve never been allowed to consider such things, I’ve always known men to be disinterested and scared and my mother has always pushed me to live a totally indpendant angry feminist life void of men, love and all the other beautiful things that come with it (as a hetersexual woman).

I’ve yearned for a love that wants to settle, have a home, get married and make babies. To share a life with someone and watch them grow in all possible ways a human being can grow. To find a man like this makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. And I’ve noticed that I know its authentic because its easy-going. There is no pretence, he is being himself, as am I. Its honest, sincere and from the heart. Neither of us are perfect but we are in sync. I just feel so at ease with him. He’s like a breath of fresh air on a warm sunny day. I am so grateful he’s in my life right now.




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