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The London Goddess Calls


Hello beautiful souls,
It’s been a short while since I’ve updated you all on me so here it is:
Craig and I have now been together for nearly 8 months (wow time flies) and it is the most easy going relationship ever. It just feels good and the energy flows like a river. So we’ve decided I’m going to move to London so we can start a life together
We’ve been living together in his home in Liverpool for the months of lockdown and he’s now gone down to London for further training in the MET (because he has passed his online theory training with flying colours ) and he’s also now hunting for a flat for us. It means we are apart for about a month but absence makes the heart grow fonder and love always finds a way. Craig also said “Its good practice for us for when the time comes that you’re away for weeks on end teaching on yoga retreats. We’ve got this!”

Like my time in Bali, I’m just going to surrender and see what happens. I have ideas and plans for my own career path but we’ll see what London has in store for me
As Tabitha Brown says “Coz it’s my business”.
Meaning I’ll forge my own path and if I want advice I’ll ask the person I feel is most appropriate. Continue reading