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Find the Place in Your Heart

Find the place in your heart that your flowers grow tallest and water yourself there. Follow your passions like bees to nectar, meet your truth in the things you love.

I have been quiet on social media for a while as I’ve been creating free content such as PDFs on my blog and recorded meditations on soundcloud. I am not finished yet but when it’s all ready, I’ll post it here. I was trying to think of ways I can help people right now, during this difficult time (Covid-19).  I don’t have the space to teach yoga online and to be honest I personally feel uncomfortable showing my face in that way, you’ve probably noticed I dislike selfies and prefer photos of me surrounded by nature instead, this is my happy place and people get to see the surrounding beauty to focus on too.

When I am teaching in the future, I will always have donation classes and one free spot for those who are struggling but would love to experiance a workshop or retreat. My teachers have done this for me and I want to give back this way too. But until then, all my things are packed away in boxes so I am unable to make things like masks and my camera is also packed away too and I have no editing program on my laptop. I thought well, I’ve been told people love my words, my poems, my random semi-wise thoughts and my calming voice so I’ll create poetic visual journeys and meditations! And they will be absolutely free.

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When people judge you


When ignorant people tell me I don’t practice yoga, it’s because they only want to see the “yoga” in fitness classes. When ignorant people see me practice the yoga they recognise, I’m suddenly the pretty girl in the picture doing a shallow yoga selfie that triggers others to feel bad about themselves and I’m probably vain and wasting time when I “should” be doing something society deems more important? So these two opinions are conflicting and hypocritical- which one do you think I am then? Continue reading

I choose myself


“What does it actually mean to choose You? In each moment to have your own back. It’s a dropping of the need to be chosen by anyone else because ultimately when we choose ourself a fullness is rediscovered that no outside filling could ever have filled anyway. Imagine that every love song written signifies you singing to you, longing for you, missing you. How does it feel to choose you? In each moment, no matter what, to keep showing up for yourself. What does that actually feel like?”- Meghan Currie

Choosing myself means being strict with what I will allow in my life. I will not tolerate any form of bullshit and the bullshit excuses to match, anymore. I think in my younger years I was very quick to forgive and very quick to say “We’re only human, we all make mistakes” and whilst this is still true, my softness towards wrong doings encouraged people to get away with mistreating me over and over again. The smallest wrong doing would be swept under the rug until it festered and became something bigger, and its in those moments I realized I should have listened to my intuition from the very beginning, because it is always right- yet for a really long time I’d question if my gut feelings were correct, in the end it was always too late and I’ve been decieved or emotionally manipulated yet again. Continue reading

My 200hour Yoga Teacher Training with Jai Wellness

It’s November 2018 and the summer months before was a time when everything in my old life, fell apart. I had been waiting, saving and planning for a few years to make certain dreams manifest and now was the time. I’ve just turned 33 and I’m living back at my Dad’s house with my belongings in boxes, I’m feeling depleted with low self worth, yet I spend every day attending the local leisure centre’s gym to keep busy, prepare my body and visit the library to research which yoga teacher training I felt called to do? It seemed like the necessary next step to encourage me to change my life.

I initially had other ideas which I believed I was dead set on on at the time, over the past few years I was planning on doing my training on a Thai island; until I discovered Jai Wellness. This company piqued my interest because they advertised as a Holistic yoga teacher training with the inclusion of Ayurveda. With my love of holistic education, creative therapies and alternative medicine plus my basic knowledge of Ayurveda and my growing passion for nutrition and Herbalism, this training seemed to tick all the boxes and bring all the things I love together as one. How unique and magical?! I believe soon after being in contact with the lead teacher, reading a little bit more about the training, checking dates and discussing everything with a close friend; within a week of finding Jai Wellness I quickly secured my place with a deposit. It all happened so fast and it felt serendipitous.

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