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I choose myself


“What does it actually mean to choose You? In each moment to have your own back. It’s a dropping of the need to be chosen by anyone else because ultimately when we choose ourself a fullness is rediscovered that no outside filling could ever have filled anyway. Imagine that every love song written signifies you singing to you, longing for you, missing you. How does it feel to choose you? In each moment, no matter what, to keep showing up for yourself. What does that actually feel like?”- Meghan Currie

Choosing myself means being strict with what I will allow in my life. I will not tolerate any form of bullshit and the bullshit excuses to match, anymore. I think in my younger years I was very quick to forgive and very quick to say “We’re only human, we all make mistakes” and whilst this is still true, my softness towards wrong doings encouraged people to get away with mistreating me over and over again. The smallest wrong doing would be swept under the rug until it festered and became something bigger, and its in those moments I realized I should have listened to my intuition from the very beginning, because it is always right- yet for a really long time I’d question if my gut feelings were correct, in the end it was always too late and I’ve been decieved or emotionally manipulated yet again. Continue reading