Find the Place in Your Heart

Find the place in your heart that your flowers grow tallest and water yourself there. Follow your passions like bees to nectar, meet your truth in the things you love.

I have been quiet on social media for a while as I’ve been creating free content such as PDFs on my blog and recorded meditations on soundcloud. I am not finished yet but when it’s all ready, I’ll post it here. I was trying to think of ways I can help people right now, during this difficult time (Covid-19).  I don’t have the space to teach yoga online and to be honest I personally feel uncomfortable showing my face in that way, you’ve probably noticed I dislike selfies and prefer photos of me surrounded by nature instead, this is my happy place and people get to see the surrounding beauty to focus on too.

When I am teaching in the future, I will always have donation classes and one free spot for those who are struggling but would love to experiance a workshop or retreat. My teachers have done this for me and I want to give back this way too. But until then, all my things are packed away in boxes so I am unable to make things like masks and my camera is also packed away too and I have no editing program on my laptop. I thought well, I’ve been told people love my words, my poems, my random semi-wise thoughts and my calming voice so I’ll create poetic visual journeys and meditations! And they will be absolutely free.

Being “Pagan” everything I do always has a nature theme to it and so this is where my heart is. This is where my flowers are growing tallest so I am going to follow that, I was even telling close friends whilst in Australia, June 2019, that I actually fancy training as a florist to create floral designs for events (as an example path with nature). People are also now asking me advice on anything related to healthy living in relation to nature, herbalism and gardening which is both humbling and exciting that people are gravitating to me in this way, I’m not forcing this to happen, it’s just naturally happening. My life has taken a sudden change of direction recently and I’m going to follow this truth and do what I love.

Nature is the running foundation in all my knowledge, my teachings and my lifestyle.
Nature is a powerful healing modality for mental health. Research has shown that humans connection with plants is so hard wired and so ancient that there are quite a few responses that happen in our body, almost instantly the moment we are in the company of a plant.
So what happens is, when you are in your garden or perhaps brushing by a hedge, that will release plant oils into the air, and that’s actually there as a defence mechanism to fend off attack from viruses and bacteria because plants get sick too. But when humans inhale these plant oils, we have a series of responses in our bodies, that can really help our mental health.

The scientific name for these plant oils is phytoncides. Inhaling the phytoncides our blood pressure decreases, as does our pulse rate, this in turn can make you feel more relaxed. Its a similar response to how you feel when practicing yoga and meditation. Also cortisol decreases, this is a stress hormone that the body needs, however these days people are producing too much which causes anxiety and chronic stress as well as an array of dis-eases of the body-mind.
So being around plants and smelling the phytoncides will uplift your mood and make you feel calm. This is pretty magical and this is the kind of information I am aquiring as part of my new journey as a holistic teacher and practitioner. But also this is a great tip for all of us: If and when you can, spend time in nature, whether that is tending to house plants, listening to the birds in your back garden, brushing past hedgerows in the city or walking in your local park.

Nature uplifts me and drags me out of despair and confusion. To clear my vision, to guide me toward love, that’s the only place to be and I want to continue growing in order to teach what I know and bring a sense of calm to others, to be a full on Earth Mama-Yoga-Witch, many blessings!

Aum Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

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