Embodying and Becoming an Earth Mama

Photography by Jean Manuel

Definition: A female who embodies the ‘yin’ energy. She is nurturing, kind, gentle, loving, and soulful–often going with a more natural Earthy look rather than a glam one.


I’ve always been the good girl, followed the rules and tried to do as I’m told. Followed orders, was a well behaved daughter, the perfect student and obedient girlfriend. It didn’t amount to anything good. All that came of this was allowing others to take away my choices, wants and desires. I felt unheard and invalidated and so my throat chakra closed down. I’ve repressed a lot of who I truly am and what I truly want. I became submissive. For so long I’ve been told what I want doesn’t matter, or I’ve been told to wait and it will be given to me by someone else. The past Katie would nod her head in agreement of the individual’s opinions and so called reasonings. Now I’ve come to realise, a lot has been taken from me and I allowed it because I thought that being dutiful and good and pure would amount to a happy life.

A friend once called me a bird of paradise being treated like a caged common budgie. It’s so hard to heal this wound in my throat and in my heart. To stand my ground and say with fierce conviction: you have no power over me.

A random people from all walks of life have recently been telling me “you’re an Earth Mama, a real earthy wise woman” or “forest witch” or “a woman of the earth, I bet you know exactly what a person needs to heal all kinds of wounds! Whether physical or emotional!” and “Katie just seeing you cheers me up, your energy is so calming.” And I’m shocked and humbled by such lovely comments. I feel seen. And because I feel seen, I feel powerful and because I feel powerful I want to do good things with it.

This to me seems like a message from the universe (or whatever you like to call it). So I am answering that call. As an individual, professional holistic teacher and practitioner, future wife and mother. I am stepping up to fully embrace and live this way and being what I’ve always wanted to be but it’s been suppressed by those who think had control over me. So it’s still hard to unravel that tangle and heal from such toxicity.

I’m totally embodying my core self which is allowing for more earthiness and cultivating more knowledge on all things I love and have loved for years. and I see myself teaching and creating a life that not only helps others but nourishes my future family and home life too.
I realise I am a mother bird. I absolutely love this side to me that has been unearthed. I want to be the wise woman who teaches all kinds of wonderful things, not just to clients but also to my husband and children. If my family have a cold, I’ll know a remedy based on their ayurvedic constitution. I will know feng shui to create harmonious chi energy in the home, I will bless spaces, talismans, create herbal soaps, shampoos and body butters. I will arrange flowers and include aromatherapy. I want to learn more about holistic fertility, breastfeeding and alternative education. To live and embody a life that is more in keeping with nature and instinctual and works with the earth rather than against it.

I am not career orientated, goal driven, status wanting or money minded. Certain materalistic things are important to survive in this corporate world but it is not what drives me.

I’ve decided to study more about herbalism, aromatherapy, holistic approaches to breastfeeding and raising children and more.  During this continueing self study, I am going freelance as a teacher and practitioner. This is who I am and I feel that this is meant to be.

We all go through similar difficulties. Feeling like we can’t follow our hearts out of fear of what people might say.

Life is short. Do what your soul wants and needs to feel nourished and happy. Yes, take responsibility of your actions but we are all essentially free to do what we want. No one has the power to take away this freedom.


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