Super Scorpio Flower Moon

In the pain, there is healing, So I’m holding on.-Lifehouse


Beltane and Full Flower Moon Blessings beautiful beings!

Today is the super full moon in Scorpio during Taurus season. This makes for an intriguing time. Taurus is ruled by Aphrodite who governs beauty, sensuality and harmony. Taurus is an earth sign so coupled with the goddess of love you think of earthly pleasures, eating strawberries surrounded by wildflowers naked in the sun! Bring Scorpio into the mix and you may have some friction. Scorpio is the sign of sex, death and rebirth.

Ruled by Hades the full moon in Scorpio reflects our shadow side creeping to the surface (since the moon reflects the sun) as we try to enjoy the flowers, fruit and harmony that traditionally this flower moon is supposed to bring. This makes sense when you look at current affairs globally. We want to enjoy the beautiful pleasures this month brings but this supermoon also conjoures up and feeds on a lot of fear, suspicion, manipulation, jealousy, death and self destruction on a global scale. The good news is, Scorpio is also about rebirth, out of the ashes we can rise and create new life. This full Scorpio moon is telling us, things are dark now but soon all this will blow over and we can fully enjoy the flowers again! This super moon is going to amplify your darker and repressed part of ourselves on all levels but they need to come into the light in order for the rebirth to place.

Right now, as we go through a collective trauma, this full moon offers a chance to reflect and meditate on some personal demons you wish to shed. Set some intentions, and think about how you can grow and heal.

For a full moon in Scorpio ritual, light a candle and write down all the fears you wish to release. When you’re finished, rip it up into little pieces and throw it away. Then, make a list of everything that you love about yourself. Keep that list. Finally, go have an orgasm or even practice sex magic! With the sensuality and romance of Taurus mixed with the intense sexuality of Scorpio this is very powerful amorous energy!

Yoga for Scorpio Super full moon: Bring awareness to your sacral chakra for creativity, rebirth and sexual/urinary healing. Sphinx Pose (Salamba Bhujangasana), Goddess Squat (Utkata Konasana) Variation, Squat Pose (Malasana), The Spiritual Warrior: Bound Extended Side Angle Series (Baddha Parsvokanasana).

Dance: Belly dance, any form of dance that is sensual and focussed on the sacral chakra.

Erotic Bath/MassageAromatherapy Blend
4 drops essential oil of neroil
4 drops essential oil of tuberose
4 drops essential oil of ylang ylang

Herbal Tea:
Scorpio energy: Intense black tea, Roobios,Pomegranate, Blackberry, Thistle, Stinging nettle (like Scorpio, nettles sting but in the sting there is healing.)

Taurus energy: Wild rose, Vanilla, Hibiscous, Apple and Marigold for romance, comfort, pleasure and sweet indulgence.

Color therapy for your altar:
Taurus energy: Soft rose pinks and browns
Scorpio energy: Blood red, black

Crystals: Rose quartz, Rhodochrosite, Red Garnet and Apache’s tear

This supermoon energy is very linked to the sacral chakra which is governed by the element of water. It is the seat of creativity, birth, desire, emotions and sensual movement. A blocked sacral chakra creates guilt, shame, repressed emotions, abandonment issues, poor relationships, trust issues and anger. These emotional imbalances also manifest in physical dis-ease around the kidneys, bladder, womb and sex organs. During this time lets release these deep traumas, let them heal by letting them go so you can flow again.

“We can not heal what we can not feel”– John Bradshaw.

Taurus is about tactile feelings (touching things that make us feel good and present in the physical world), Scorpio is about deep emotional feelings. This is a wonderful time to heal what we feel in our mind-body-soul

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