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The Musings of a HedgeWitch: Dream with Nature


New moon in Gemini (The month of Gemini) as the phase of the moon is waxing in Leo. Gemini governed by the element of air and Leo governed by fire makes for a beautiful mix. For air fuels fire. This is a time to dream big, utilzing the communicative and creative breezyness of Gemini with the dramatic, ambitous Leo. These two playful energies push us to make impossible-seeming choices (which I can very much relate to right now!). Before we fly away, we must face our fears and feel our feels—but then, it’s time to conquer the world. Communicate YOUR truth, be true to YOUR Heart.
The more you communicate your true self, life flows easier.

With this Leo waxing moon, consentrate on your heart centre, circulation, blood pressure and heart rate.

Flower of choice: Roses. Roses are not always associated with romance. Roses are soothing and have a dream-like quality. As you wish for things to manifest, pick rose petals and send them into the wind and into the universe. Dream Big! Also, roses, when in full bloom kind of resemble and are symbolic of a giant heart, just like the courageous Leo lion heart! Continue reading

Super Scorpio Flower Moon

In the pain, there is healing, So I’m holding on.-Lifehouse


Beltane and Full Flower Moon Blessings beautiful beings!

Today is the super full moon in Scorpio during Taurus season. This makes for an intriguing time. Taurus is ruled by Aphrodite who governs beauty, sensuality and harmony. Taurus is an earth sign so coupled with the goddess of love you think of earthly pleasures, eating strawberries surrounded by wildflowers naked in the sun! Bring Scorpio into the mix and you may have some friction. Scorpio is the sign of sex, death and rebirth.

Ruled by Hades the full moon in Scorpio reflects our shadow side creeping to the surface (since the moon reflects the sun) as we try to enjoy the flowers, fruit and harmony that traditionally this flower moon is supposed to bring. This makes sense when you look at current affairs globally. We want to enjoy the beautiful pleasures this month brings but this supermoon also conjoures up and feeds on a lot of fear, suspicion, manipulation, jealousy, death and self destruction on a global scale. The good news is, Scorpio is also about rebirth, out of the ashes we can rise and create new life. This full Scorpio moon is telling us, things are dark now but soon all this will blow over and we can fully enjoy the flowers again! This super moon is going to amplify your darker and repressed part of ourselves on all levels but they need to come into the light in order for the rebirth to place. Continue reading