The Musings of a HedgeWitch: Dream with Nature


New moon in Gemini (The month of Gemini) as the phase of the moon is waxing in Leo. Gemini governed by the element of air and Leo governed by fire makes for a beautiful mix. For air fuels fire. This is a time to dream big, utilzing the communicative and creative breezyness of Gemini with the dramatic, ambitous Leo. These two playful energies push us to make impossible-seeming choices (which I can very much relate to right now!). Before we fly away, we must face our fears and feel our feels—but then, it’s time to conquer the world. Communicate YOUR truth, be true to YOUR Heart.
The more you communicate your true self, life flows easier.

With this Leo waxing moon, consentrate on your heart centre, circulation, blood pressure and heart rate.

Flower of choice: Roses. Roses are not always associated with romance. Roses are soothing and have a dream-like quality. As you wish for things to manifest, pick rose petals and send them into the wind and into the universe. Dream Big! Also, roses, when in full bloom kind of resemble and are symbolic of a giant heart, just like the courageous Leo lion heart!

Crystals: Rose quartz and tigers eye for self love and confidence to dream big.

Yoga: Sun salutations and heart openers. Sun salutations helps you work up a sweat and connects you to the sun which is governed by Leo. Heart openers are sweet and playful just like Gemini.

Tea: Fresh Rose tea. Studies have recently shown that the antioxidents in Rose tea is better than green tea! Rose tea encourages relaxation, joy, sweetness of being, self love and a gentle confidence to bloom big!


 I’ve really been tuning into my heart recently and with that came a tuning into nature, flower symbolism and animal spirit messages. I always connect with the natural world in this way and have done since I was a little girl but recently I’ve gone deeper into this practical magic.
Exploring this intuition: A tree bumblebee decided to land on me and lick me yesterday! What a beautiful encounter and message from the universe- This is symbolic of Empress energy (The Empress Tarot card) who embodies creativity, fertility, abundance, birth, sensuality. And I’ve learned about subtle messages of such flowers like dog-rose, forest ghost flower and Ranunculus. These flowers kind of appeared in my life and I’ve been learning their general properties and their mystical messages too.
Today for breakfast I made fresh rose tea with honey. Tuning into Aphrodite and honey being food of the gods.

Letting go and living in my heart space has opened me up to be TRUE TO MYSELF and be totally self accepting, no pretending, no masks, no wishing to be anybody else but me, and I’m glowing! Friends are telling me I look so fresh faced and youthful and I feel it. This is all coming from a place of authenticity and self love so the energy is pouring out and rippling out that even bees want to be close to me (fanciful and wishful thinking I know). I have difficult days just like everyone else. So when we have those days we must remember our own beauty, we must remember the language of flowers. Everything wants to be loved and BEE love. Live and love in your heart space and the whole world will open up to you and give you the path and medicine you need to grow and bloom.

Blessed Be and Aum Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

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