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Women’s Circles: Yogi Approved

Here is my latest article with Yogi Approved. This is my last written peice for them until next year. I have ideas for future articles however I am now working on an illustrated poetry book. Enjoy!

Women’s circles are essentially a gathering of women, for women.

They’re often practiced within a circular setting, using a decorative altar or mandala as the focal point in the middle. These circles feel inclusive and mimic the cycles of nature and the comfort of the womb space.

While women’s gatherings have been around for thousands of years, they have gained popularity recently – especially in the yoga and wellness community.

What Are Women’s Circles?

Women’s circles allow for sharing, support, and feelings of safety within a non-judgemental environment.

It can be very healing to experience validation and to feel honored by other women, especially in a world where women are often taught to compete with each other, compare bodies and status, be jealous, gossip, judge, etc.

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Earth Dance in the Woods


We are all wanderers on this earth, our hearts full of wonder, our souls deep with dreams. -Romani Proverb

My ancestry is Romani and my magickal practice is that of Hedgewitchery, I am also a Priestess of the Divine Feminine. I work a lot with Romani folk magick and I see my dancing and anything I create as a both a celebration to goddess and from goddess and to honour my ancestors. My main deities/archetypes that connect me to the sacred feminine are: Aphrodite (and mermaid symbolism), Isis, the Romani goddess Sara-La-Kali and Parvati (my name Kalyani is a varient of Parvati). I felt called to do a dance barefoot on the earth as a hymn of love to the great goddess. I adore that it started raining, you can almost see the tiny droplets, its as if my dancing conjured the rain. The dream catchers you see are handmade by me also.

This is also an extension of an ongoing personal project that started with a poem now published on Rebelle Society also titled “A Hymn of Love to the Earth” and will eventually be in a book I am hoping to publish as well as the creation of an oracle deck which will showcase my botanical illustrations. The elements governing this project are earth and water.

I felt called to dance like the ancient Shamans, Oracles, Priestessess and Rom people once did, to send healing and love to pachamama during a global crisis. Continue reading

Goddess Magic


Spending time with friends in Cyprus has given me new life lessons. Bali gave me studies in all things yoga with practical tools to help me teach all I know, Australia gave me  lessons about the heart- it was an emotional experience, Cyprus has given me lessons about my soul, my past lives and my own spiritual practice.

My spiritual practice is difficult to define because it’s a mixture of things. I joke that I am a yoga witch and it’s kind of true if you break down both these words.
I love the practice of yoga and the yogic philosophy, I practice mantra and Kirtan and make offerings to Hindu goddesses and because of my trainings in Bali, I can now guide others on this path or lifestyle. BUT I also consider myself “Pagan” too and I work with the old gods of the West as well. My soul feels so connected to the Greek-Egyptian “Pagan” beliefs and I’m trying to learn more to uncover aspects of my soul and possible past lives. I’m definitely a woman of the goddess and goddess movement and a few people in Cyprus have told me I have an ancient Egyptian vibe about me. I adore learning about ancient priestesses and oracles that reside in temples all over the world, I am passionate about ancient symbols and stories that teach about life. I am in love with goddess archetypes and so on.

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