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Goddess Magic


Spending time with friends in Cyprus has given me new life lessons. Bali gave me studies in all things yoga with practical tools to help me teach all I know, Australia gave me  lessons about the heart- it was an emotional experience, Cyprus has given me lessons about my soul, my past lives and my own spiritual practice.

My spiritual practice is difficult to define because it’s a mixture of things. I joke that I am a yoga witch and it’s kind of true if you break down both these words.
I love the practice of yoga and the yogic philosophy, I practice mantra and Kirtan and make offerings to Hindu goddesses and because of my trainings in Bali, I can now guide others on this path or lifestyle. BUT I also consider myself “Pagan” too and I work with the old gods of the West as well. My soul feels so connected to the Greek-Egyptian “Pagan” beliefs and I’m trying to learn more to uncover aspects of my soul and possible past lives. I’m definitely a woman of the goddess and goddess movement and a few people in Cyprus have told me I have an ancient Egyptian vibe about me. I adore learning about ancient priestesses and oracles that reside in temples all over the world, I am passionate about ancient symbols and stories that teach about life. I am in love with goddess archetypes and so on.

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