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Spending time with friends in Cyprus has given me new life lessons. Bali gave me studies in all things yoga with practical tools to help me teach all I know, Australia gave me  lessons about the heart- it was an emotional experience, Cyprus has given me lessons about my soul, my past lives and my own spiritual practice.

My spiritual practice is difficult to define because it’s a mixture of things. I joke that I am a yoga witch and it’s kind of true if you break down both these words.
I love the practice of yoga and the yogic philosophy, I practice mantra and Kirtan and make offerings to Hindu goddesses and because of my trainings in Bali, I can now guide others on this path or lifestyle. BUT I also consider myself “Pagan” too and I work with the old gods of the West as well. My soul feels so connected to the Greek-Egyptian “Pagan” beliefs and I’m trying to learn more to uncover aspects of my soul and possible past lives. I’m definitely a woman of the goddess and goddess movement and a few people in Cyprus have told me I have an ancient Egyptian vibe about me. I adore learning about ancient priestesses and oracles that reside in temples all over the world, I am passionate about ancient symbols and stories that teach about life. I am in love with goddess archetypes and so on.

Its been a tremendously wonderful unraveling for me in the peace and quiet of Cyprus, giving me time to reflect on my soul and what she wants and who she is, and I want to continue this soul searching so that I may guide others on all I know about yoga, female empowerment, goddess movements, mysticism and magic in my own women’s circles and retreats in the near future.

I’m learning so much from a wonderful friend about Ancient Greek spiritual practices and the hymns to the gods are simply divine! I feel like I want to be initiated into another priestesshood because the first one I did, didn’t give me the practicalities to hold ceremony and whilst I’ve had training with the Be Woman Project, I still don’t know how to facilitate a full ceremony with hymns, prayers and special objects or symbols. I may train back in the UK with the Avalon Priestessess or maybe I find somewhere in Egypt?

This spiritual practice and movement makes sense to me and means so much to me that I want to read more books on these topics, books and articles about the history of paganism and ancient priestess temples dedicated to goddess. I’m unsure as of yet which pantheon I settle in, could be Celtic? Maybe Hindu or Greek? Maybe there are more hidden facts about ancient Egyptian Mysticism I am yet to discover? Maybe I remain a chaos hedgewitch and enjoy all the deities from all over the world? I am excited by my current spiritual practice and where its taking me.

I feel like I’m on the cusp of fully being the wise woman (the witch) I was always supposed to be. I feel ready to teach all that I know about goddess magic and this includes yoga, specifically for the womb, poetry, art as therapy, belly dance to invoke the goddess, a little bit of Ayurveda, goddess visual journeys and meditations, dream catcher making, reiki love, crystal healing, chakra balancing, moon blessings, ceremony, stories about goddesses and other deities like mermaid energy and then connecting with that energy in our daily life, journaling, spell work and ritual. Everything magical for women’s well-being and supports their general mentla health, self worth, confidence and self love all packaged into me! But with that also comes the knowledge of Priestess work and creating a temple-like space for the women on my retreats. So I have a lot to offer!

If anyone feels called to reach out to me to collaborate or you wish for me to facilitate a workshop or retreat in your area or studio space, please get in touch with me.

I can also offer Reiki level one and two attunements as well as Kids and Teens Yoga classes

And I also perform spoken word poetry and belly dance for festivals around the country.


“Celebrate today, every day is a big deal. Playing small is cancelled.“- Rebecca Ryan

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