Earth Dance in the Woods


We are all wanderers on this earth, our hearts full of wonder, our souls deep with dreams. -Romani Proverb

My ancestry is Romani and my magickal practice is that of Hedgewitchery, I am also a Priestess of the Divine Feminine. I work a lot with Romani folk magick and I see my dancing and anything I create as a both a celebration to goddess and from goddess and to honour my ancestors. My main deities/archetypes that connect me to the sacred feminine are: Aphrodite (and mermaid symbolism), Isis, the Romani goddess Sara-La-Kali and Parvati (my name Kalyani is a varient of Parvati). I felt called to do a dance barefoot on the earth as a hymn of love to the great goddess. I adore that it started raining, you can almost see the tiny droplets, its as if my dancing conjured the rain. The dream catchers you see are handmade by me also.

This is also an extension of an ongoing personal project that started with a poem now published on Rebelle Society also titled “A Hymn of Love to the Earth” and will eventually be in a book I am hoping to publish as well as the creation of an oracle deck which will showcase my botanical illustrations. The elements governing this project are earth and water.

I felt called to dance like the ancient Shamans, Oracles, Priestessess and Rom people once did, to send healing and love to pachamama during a global crisis.

I recently attended an online poetry and writing workshop with Rupi Kaur, and this poetic list was born.

Here is a list of things I can share with the world:

1: A very big heart, this is my temple and there is room enough to share so you feel held.

2: A mass of wild, unruly raven hair that wriggles and shakes with my hips to the beat of a drum.

3: My childlike wonder at the world, I’ll remind you of the beauty of a leaf or raindrop.

4: My loving magic that can heal even the coldest hearts and makes the flowers grow faster.

5: My sweet laughter that reminds the bees of honey and make the roses sigh with serenity.

6: 100% of my time committed to bring love and sacred beauty to the world, whether through dance, painting, drawing, poetry or magic. Sprinkling some gentleness to soothe the ache of our troubled earth. You’re safe with me.

7: A sacred mirror, to remind you what you see in me is the beauty that shines in you.

8: My courageous vulnerability, I hold out my shadows so light may pour in.

9: The language of hummingbirds that hums from my mouth: Love, joy and kindness.

10: A cup of rose tea and a hand to hold whilst moon bathing.

11: My panther-quiet, so I may listen and lick your wounds away.


Dance/Direction/Editor: Katie Kalyani

Videos:Craig Goodall

Assistant Editor: Philip Blezard

The song is by laboratorium piesni who are a group of female singers from Poland. Using traditional, polyphonic singing they perform songs from all over the world. I love this song, it felt shamanic and earthy as if they were calling an earth goddess themselves. It would be a dream come true to perform with them one day.


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