The Capricorn Full Moon


Belated Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

The reason why this is late is because, I have been writing articles for wellness sites and creating new content for this blog.
Before I talk more about this Capricorn moon, you may ask why I call myself a hedgewitch? Simple: The word “witch” means “wise” and a hedgewitch was once a woman who lived on the fringe of society/village- basically over the hedge. The wise women usually had a solitary existence but people came to them for spiritual guidance, herbal remedies and more, she was known to straddle between worlds-that of “normal society” and over the hedge “other realms”. Hedgwitches usually don’t follow a “religion” (or orders), they are free spirits of witchery. Just like any passion you are dedicated to can be a form of “yoga”, anyone “wise” in their subject area: It’s “witchery”.

The Capricorn full Moon:

Capricorn is associated with the planet Saturn, named after the Roman God of the same name (Greek version: Cronos). Interestingly Saturn is also associated with the biblical concept of Lucifer and the symbolism of falling from grace, temptation and desires. And this is because Saturn is the God of Karma and time. Saturn tests us and will push us to our limits. Saturn represents authority, discipline, hard work, labour and commitment. It’s also about guilt, resistance and delay. These are all attributes that a lot of Capricorns struggle with- they are usually very smartly dressed (usually like wearing business suits), very intelligent and intellectual, disciplined and believe in the realistic law and order of things. But Capricorns are also very emotional too, once pushed over their limit of duty and order they cry silent tears and can become real grumpy goats (A lot of Capricorns can struggle to unchain their primal side to let it frolic in the wild for a bit).

Another interesting fact: Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn (and the unpredictable planet Uranus) making Aquarius’ mind riddle with chaos as to what is the right thing to do? Aquarians are extremely free spirited and free thinking, but at their core they are totally loyal and disciplined (especially when you’ve captured their heart) Aquarian men actually make amazing husbands and fathers because of this duality.

We all to some extent struggle with this on a daily basis- struggle to balance what is right and wrong in the ebb and flow of life and in our karmic cycles. Do we clean the house or fall to temptation and binge watch Netflix all day? Do we save some of our earnings for a new house or splurge it on things we don’t need? Do we make love to our partners or guiltly watch kinky porn? Can we take off the constraint of the buisness suits and surrender a little bit to pleasure, and not feel guilty for wearing PJ’s all day and stuffing our faces with chocolate for example? As a Libra I am all about balance- being careful not too over work OR give into temptation of the seven deadly sins.

Saturn’s lessons are discipline, practise and commitment. It has the power to reward like no other planet. Because we work and practise sustained effort, there is a sense of REAL, HONEST satisfaction-which Capricorns are famous for.

If we do not learn that real, honest satisifaction we do not learn our karmic lessons, so we remain in our viscious cycles, this is where many addictions come from- too much gaming, shallow sex, alcohol, shopping, social media. Instant gratification will not lead us to pure satisfaction. Therefore we remain in the ego, We keep repeating the same daily lessons and give into devilish desires.

This Capricorn full moon is asking us to enquire about our actions, our productivity and even our thoughts. Thoughts turn into words, which turn into actions, which manifest as reality. Words are spells- this is why its called “spelling”. Everything we do, is part of the great cause and effects of karma.

This Full Moon will evoke a sense of living a purpose and with confidence in what you want to achieve in life.
It brings to our awareness of how we are using our talents, time, allies and resources.

This full moon can root yourself in the home of the ‘Self”.  It is where you keep what you have gotten and what you will need. It assist us to let go of what is no longer working for us.

July’s full moon is called the Buck Moon, according to Native American practice. Each year in July, the male deer (buck) begin to regrow their antlers. This month’s lunation is also called the Thunder Moon, so get ready for regeneration of ambitions and a wake up call! Perhaps you get s sudden surge of inspiration or energy to get a buisness project started or finished? Find a new home, new job, something that feels more stable? Perhaps you feel more dedicated to a new fitness prgram and you’re sticking to it? Perhaps you are less emotional than the last full moon and questioning your thoughts and actions with logic and reasoning?

Yoga for Capricorn  Full Moon: Mountain pose (Tadasana) and Squat pose (Malasana) for stability, dancer pose (Natarjarasana) like Shiva dancing in the ring of karmic fire.

Herbal Tea: Rosemary and Chamomile as they are both calming for mental activitiy.
Crystals: Jet for grounding, Malachite for absorbing negative emotions, Peridot for mental clarity and study.
Mantra: Om Kreem Kalikayai Namah (Kali the goddess of time and karma).

Affirmation: I am aligned with my highest will and thereby create order and peace naturally. I release my struggle with life. I accept compassion and gentleness as divine aspects of my being. I choose to manifest consciously and with integrity.

“All Karma, or effects of actions, completely melt away from the liberated being who, free from attachments, with his mind enveloped in wisdom, performs the true spiritual fire right(Yajna)”.– Bhagavad Gita 4:23

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