Wild & Free Outtakes

I want to share some photos from the day of the shoot because not many people realise that in order to get that one amazing shot, a photographer and the model can go through hundreds of different images. Also when I do work with a photographer I tend to choose someone who doesn’t rely heavily on photoshop, I like to look natural so what you see in the final image is me as I am and all that was tweeked was colour enhancement of the veils and my furrowed brow (from the sun being in my eyes) was edited out. I played a lot with how the veils were held in correlation to the direction of the wind. It was a fun few hours on Wembury beach. I enjoyed the fresh breeze, the warmth of the sun and the smell of sea salt.
 Photos copyright Jon Roberts

If any UK readers want to attend my 4 hour intensive belly dance/dance movement/chakra healing workshop here is the link to the facebook events page:
Wild & Free Event

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