Katie Ness: Inspiring Belly Dancer

Katness, Inspiring Belly Dancer, 2014 from Katy Jane Larcombe on Vimeo.

A few months back I worked with a young film director & editor Katy Larcombe on an interview video and a possible dance video. It was an absolute blast working with this young woman who is so energetic, hard working and has an extremely contagious positive attitude that you can’t help but be upbeat, smiley and full of exuberant energy when you are around her. Within my interview I discuss how as a belly dancer, belly dance has been inspiring to me in many different ways; one in which it has encouraged an inner strength against adversity, an inner confidence in my body and a desire to teach that in a therapeutic way to other women with Yoga & Meditation. I would really love to one day organize expressive art workshops that also involve the Belly Dance and Yoga around the UK and perhaps find a way to run retreats perhaps in a lovely quaint town in the south of France or Prague one day?

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