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Having finished my short course in Art: It’s Place in Therapy (amongst other day courses and training workshops during April to June) I am taking a couple of weeks rest from study and giving time to myself to reflect on what I have just learned and allowing myself a breather before I commit to my next life changing course in Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

So at the moment my schedule is more relaxed and I am spending time writing letters to far away friends, illustrating and reading both Kinfolk Issues 11 & 12. The sun is shining, I have hope for the future and I am reading Kinfolk with a cup of Chai at hand which is sending me into a hazy, dream-like state. Kinfolk is one of a kind, I have never come across a magazine like this before and even Jon (who is extremely fussy when it comes to design and photography) approves! This beautifully designed tome encourages a more peaceful & simple way of life with cascading short prose and poetry, complimented by sweet illustrations, mouth watering food imagery and captivating, bohemian lifestyle photography. This magazine encompasses everything Jon & I strive for and live by, OK my cooking skills are not up to scratch but even the recipes within Kinfolk are simple & humbling. Kinfolk’s entire approach to life is that of not needing to be materialistic or doing, making & buying extravagant things but instead they are about being humble, kind, seeing the small things in life as precious and to understand the importance of gatherings whether big or small. My favourite part of reading the issues are articles & photographs of how others live, what they do, what the inside of their home looks like and what their interests, values and aspirations are because it is a like a secret they have chosen to share with readers and it is nice to see how other creatives live around the world, seeing their style and reading how they became successful within their chosen field of the creative industry.

Each Kinfolk issue is usually dedicate to a theme, so issue 11 “explores the meaning of home, what it looks like, how different people arrange them and the qualities that the best ones share. Your concept of home will change with every coat of paint. It’s what (and who) you fill it with that counts.” explains Kinfolk
discovering new things to cook, make and do

Kinfolk volume 11, the home issue

Kinfolk lifestyle, portland

And issue 12 is entitled ‘the salt water issue’ and delves into our most beloved season-summer and how we enjoy interacting with the refreshing sea from BBQ’s on the beach to installation art with sand, recipes to make snow cones and interviews by fishermen.
Kinfolk issue 12

the salt water issue

the summer volume, fishermen, the sea, sand art

All in all Kinfolk is a delight to read, whether in the home, lounging in the garden or enjoying a picnic in the summer sun, I highly recommend you guys purchase a copy or subscribe on their website.

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