What it really means to be a Libra

what it really means to be a Libra, star sign personality

Libra: Surprisingly a quirky sign. On the surface people assume that these people are always balanced, perhaps a little superficial or self centred, calm, friendly and even tempered-this is what you read in magazine astrology which is usually inaccurate.”Everyone loves a Libra” is a common phrase as oppose to Scorpio who sadly get a bad rep.

Libras are the Will Smith’s and Kate Winslet’s of the zodiac: Usually well loved by every other sign (if in balance with their emotions)

yet Libras are surprisingly picky and private as to who they truly let in to their inner circle.

Like an Aquarius, they can have loads of aquaintences who adore them and their charm, which Libras are famous for, but deep down most Libras only have a select few as chosen “soul friends” for life, unlike Aquarius who will continue to be friends with everyone.

It is an air sign so most Librans adore conversation and intellect but it has to have depth, Librans need witty debates and talks about art, poetry, culture and more.

They can not stand idle chit chat about the weather, work (unless you have a passion for what you do), or the hum drum of life. Short, generic messages or emails like “Hi, how are you?” are irritating to Libras, they need a story-your story-your depth of mind to engage and create friendships.

Goverened by Aphrodite/Venus as the evening star-Libras resonate with the imagery of evening sensuality-think silk dresses on a balcony whilst being seranded by their lover.

The evening star is all about diplomacy, the quiet of the night, lounging about in your most luxurous attire to classical music and eating strawberries and cream, they also have a fondness for gothic romances.

As oppose to Taurus whose energy is govered by Aphrodite as the morning star which is all about the pleasures of the flesh, foods, wine and textures during a warm day in a meadow of wildflowers.

Libra is also governed by the hunters moon which is a bloody moon indeed. Back in the time when the harvest is done and prep for winter is occuring, farmers and tribes would slaughter some of their animals for bone broths because veg and fruit is scarce etc.

This is why Libras are heavily misunderstood as light and airy- they are actually quite in tune with the dark side of the soul as much as Scorpio.

Libra is also surprisingly watery, but it’s an air sign you say?Remeber that Aphrodite was born of the sea-the first “mermaid” in mythology to walk on land-this is why Libras sometimes struggle with their own emotions-causing an imbalance-yet are pretty good at dealing with everyone elses in a calm and impartial manner.

Also in old astronomy books, Libra was once known as the “Scorpio’s claw” and this is why, although diplomatic and harmonious most of the time-Libras are also prone to “nip” if they have to.

Like Calypso in Pirates of the Carribean, Libras are 99% calm and wise, 1% rainstorm and whirlpool when their rare temper is unleashed.

Aphrodite is the Greek version of the Sumerian goddess Inanna who has a similar story to Persephone. Inanna/Aphrodite travels into the underworld to meet her sister goddess Ereshkigal (Scorpio) and rescue her lover. Ereshkigal tortures Inanna with difficult tasks.

When Inanna is completley stripped bare of all she thinks she is, only then she finds herself (self love) and it also shows how Libras have great capacity of self sacrifice for those they truly love for Libras love to share and be in partnerships (whether that’s in love, friendships or buisness-ships).

For such a docile sign, Libra has a firey heart (like the orange glow in their gemstone opal-cool on the outside, passionate on the inside).

Libras have fantastic capacity to know the depths of the shadow self and the darkness of humanity as much as scorpio, the only difference is that Libras are able to see the dark side to humanity in a detached and intellectual way like a psychologist, whereas Scorpios feel it on an intense emotional level.

Libras and Scorpios get on really well for this reason, Libras enjoy listening to the Scorpio emote and Scorpio trusts Libra to understand and bring a sense of calm. Which is a beautiful friendship indeed for Scorpio rarely trusts anyone to be so vulnerable.

Symbolized by the scales, Libras greatest lesson is to know self love from within-rather than externally.

Meaning Libras worry about opinions of others and even check themselves a lot in the mirror so they don’t get ridiculed for having food in their teeth or a stain on their dress-it has nothing to do with vanity and more to do with knowing the pains of being bullied.

Set in the middle of all the signs they become the mediator in quarrels and being the only innanimate object can make Libra look like a pretty little peice of furniture in the zodiac house (tough being an appliance!) that the other signs take no notice of (except for their beauty which Libras are famous for).

Yet Libras have a lot to say and much like Elizabeth Bennet- Libra women are exceptionally witty and can usually beat any man in an intellectual debate, largely for her diverse knowledge in many things and can see all sides to every arguement-thus running rings around a person trying to argue with her.

Once the Libra find their voice and ultimatley find themselves in the zodiac zoo, they will lose old friends who are so used to Libra being the pretty little people pleaser.

This evolved Libra becomes a little more self assured and opinionated- becoming the scales of Justice (like the goddess Maat who sits at the doors of the underworld weighing up peoples hearts against a feather-notice again how close Libra is to Scorpio; If Scorpio lives in the underworld/subconscious, Libra is the gatekeeper)- she is holding the scales rather than BEING the scales trying to balance everything and everybody.

This wiser Libra is someone not to be put in the cupboard until someone else wants to measure up things (and thus use them). This self knowing Libra holds her scales with poise and ease- what they have to say is as important as arrogant Leo and chatty Gemini!

Evolved Libra’s has the last word once she’s weighed things up-Like Maat who decides who shall pass over and who shall fall.

Most often the most beautiful sign in the zodiac-those who have Libra in their birthchart will have a sort of pre-raphaelite or Mucha vibe to their features-think Kate Winslet in Titanic, Catherine Zita Jones in Zorro, Shannyn Sossamon in a Knight’s tale and Toni Braxton’s Unbreak my Heart.

The charming Libra smile makes anyone fall in love with them. They are a walking Renaissance painting.

A bit of a paradox: Outwardly feminine (all genders), internally quite masculine- wears the silk dresses in public, wears the mud boots and flat cap to fix a flat tire.

yet has a heart smouldering with passion that can match any Scorpio.

Yet Libras charm is subtle, she doesn’t feel dangrous like Scorpio. Imagine a Libra woman as the mermaid playfully singing to you, mesmerizing you with her words; Aphrodite isn’t the goddess of love for no reason!

Unlike a Libra, A Scorpio woman will just posses you straight up like Maleficent walking into the castle!

Feeling the Libra vibe with the sensuality of the Taurus moon? Libra month means love, pleasures of sacred beauty, roses, chocolates, bubble baths, admiring art, being wined and dined, candlelight, romantic novels and erotic poetry.

Drink rose tea

Wear rose quartz or Rhodochrosite

read “Dirty Pretty Things” by Micahel Faudet

Listen to classical piano, the harp or cello

Get a sensual Ayurvedic massage

Yoga for Libra month: Dancer pose, camel pose, cobra as this opens the heart

Libra is also governed by the lower back (their erogenous zone) and the kidneys.

Enjoy moisturizing your skin as if you’re Cleopatra

Surround yourself with flowers and Jasmine essential oil

Libra represents all things diplomatic, creative, elegance and tasteful eroticism.

During Libra month share this vibe with those you love but remember to give yourself some love and beauty too.

You deserve this kind of self love and the sensuality of life!

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