Illustrated Poetry book pages

I’ve been saying for a few years that I am putting together a poetry collection. But because I am not a full time writer, the process takes a bit longer. I am still editing older poems and creating new ones too. Including short stories.

The theme is our relation to nature in and around us. This includes the psyche of our subconscious- the raw emotions that feel feral and the almost child-like mysticism that comes from remembering our connectedness to the natural world.

The poetry will flit from personal musings to magical realist prose. Some poetry will feel like diary accounts with an air of vulnerability and gritty thoughts, others will boarder on whimsical and surreal. These represent the two strong personas living within me.


I am a very down to earth and honest woman with very real human experiences we can all relate to such as heartbreak, loss, anger, falling in love, betrayal, childhood trauma and more.

But I also have a rich imaginary, dream-like inner world that feels like walking through other realms where magic roams in between the grass or the flutter of a bird’s wing. These two paradoxical forces within me come together in this book to give you a glimpse into my world.

The book will also include a mixture of media from photography to illustrations, to pressed flowers, collage and tea stains plus featured paper art by a good friend of mine.

I am currently creating the page design and layout and I hope to have it all finished and published by February in time for Valentine’s day as I feel this would be a pretty book people can buy for their loved ones.

If you are interested in featuring some of my prose and poetry for your magazine or journal, please do get in touch.

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