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The Priestess of Shadows (Shadow Work)

priestess of shadows

So you’re asking “Why Priestess of Shadows? I see you as light hearted and kind with a sunny disposition, I’m confused?”

In the past two years of my life, I’ve come a long way. I carry a lot of ghosts and I’ve always been afraid to truly embody this side to me…Until now.

I feel like this post is a long time coming as I finally feel like I am embodying who I truly am.

Hecate of the ancient Greeks was actually a very beautiful goddess, unlike the Wiccan depiction as a skull faced crone which I dislike very much because it continues to emphasize that death and the shadows are scary, evil or wrong.

Hecate of the ancients was known as the “Luminous one”. She was a gentle being that helped souls cross over. This goddess is radiant with a gentle demeanour and yet she represents the shadows.

She symbolizes being accepting of the shadows in whatever way that manifests. Hecate teaches not to fear our shadows but to walk through them with her as she shines her lantern to lead the way.

The shadows doesn’t just represent death but is symbolic of other realms too including the dream space and subconscious mind.

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