50 Facts About Me

I was inspired by this adorable lady and her cute lifestyle blog Pourable Sunshine. Cara and I are good friends outside of Blogging and although we keep in touch and she has rang me out of the blue on some occasions we have never actually met. We tried to meet up in London when I was invited to dance at Mind,Body,Spirit but I was so exhausted and overwhelmed by London (to be perfectly honest London terrifies me) and I was poorly, I couldn’t meet her in the end. I am sure one day we will meet, patience is a virtue. We have a lot in common based on her “50 Facts About Me” for example, sunflowers are also my favourite flower and I also sing (badly) to Disney songs. I am not afraid of birds (although my mum is) I have a silly fear of moths and other flying insects, they really freak me out. I am appalling at maths also and I used to suck my thumb until I was 13.

So on that Note here is my 50 Facts About Me.

1: One of my favourite snacks are green olives.
2: I very rarely go into a deep sleep, I am a light sleeper, constantly in REM.
3: Because of this my dreams are out of this world, I can can control my dreams and I am a lucid dreamer.
4: When I was about 7 I convinced my younger sister that pouring orange on her cereal was yummier than milk.
5: I’m 35 and I still wear my retainer at night, this is why my teeth are still straight.
6: Although a bit more down to earth now, I used to walk out the house wearing wigs and mash of brightly coloured clothes.
7: I have a fascination with the symbolism and stories of mermaids.
8: I dislike nosey people and my intuition can pick up whether you genuinely care or just out to get facts to then pass it around.
9: I bite my lips when I am nervous & when I am in deep thought.
10:I am prone to panic attacks and claustrophobia when surrounded by large groups of people or drunks.
11:Autumn is my favourite season, I love the woody smell and the colours.
12:I enjoy smelling Henna & old books.
13:I am addicted to collecting & reading books because they remind me of my Nanna Monica.
14:My favourite colour is Turquoise. Although I really like Burgundy at the moment.
15:I believe in Karma, reincarnation, spirits and deities but that does not make me a hippie.
16:I read the Tarot & I can interpret dreams.
17:I am of Romany Gypsy ancestry, my Granddad was the last Romany in my family, everyone else is mixed.
18:That being said I am part Irish, Scottish, English and Romany.
19:I love Herbal Tea but I don’t understand why people dunk their biscuits in tea? Ewww Soggy biscuit!
20:I am atrocious at maths, my brain malfunctions at the simplest of sums.
21:But I am a genius at Art, English Literature, Psychology and Philosophy so who cares about maths?
22:One of my biggest regrets is that I never pursued dance as a career because when I was younger I was told I was too fat to be a dancer.
23:I was brought up in Blackpool, it is shit.
24:I have lived in Cyprus & China, Bali and Australia as well as Preston (uk) Plymouth (uk), Liverpool (UK) and now London (UK).
25:I am well travelled, thanks to my mum who took me to Bulgaria as my first destination at the age of 6, I am now a travel bug.
26:My mum owns a house in Bulgaria and will be living there soon. I get to visit all the time (obviously)
27:My mum now also owns a Gypsy cart.
28:I love Salad Cream
29:I love puppies (& puppy breath),my idea of heaven is this.
30:My hair is actually naturally curly and black although I have to dye it now, getting old with the greys.
31:Elephants are my favourite animal, Beluga whales come a close second.
32:Materialistic people bore me, no I don’t want to listen to you talk about your latest shopping experience.
33:Unconformists,Humanitarians and creative activists inspire me.
34: I’m a qualified yoga teacher and holistic coach
35:I have never broken a bone (touch wood)
36:I used to write in a diary from the age of 15 until I was 20. I should start up again.
37:I write poetry and have kept an art Journal since I was 19.
38:I now keep this lifestyle Blog and I love it!
39:I wear hardly any make-up even when I’m going ‘out out’. I only wear eye-liner.
40: I am learning to rollerskate and do the splits.
41:I can’t drive and I don’t really want to, car= expensive responsibility not freedom.
42:I dislike unwanted advice. Did I ask for help, no? Then bugger off.
43:I don’t really cry, I analyse my emotions or paint them away. Can’t stand overly emotional girls.
44:I have an Aunt in L.A. Her daughter (my cousin) dated Robbie Williams.
45:My American Aunt also owns Pickwicks Pub in America of which Bruno Mars used to perform there, he is good friends with the family.
46:I don’t want to get married in a church and it will be more like a blessing than a massive religious ‘game show’ *ahem* ceremony.
47:I don’t like wearing jeans or shoes. Love wearing long skirts & dresses.
48:I am very awkward & shy but I have an eccentric alter-ego.
49:I like getting to know individual people but dislike social gatherings and dribbling “chit chat”.
50:If I wasn’t what I am now, I’d want to be a Sex Therapist or Botanist.

So there you have it. 50 little facts about me you might not have known.

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