Wonderland – ‘Gaia, The Birth Of An End’ – Kirsty Mitchell Photography from FX Films on Vimeo.

This video show cases the beautiful Fine Art Photography by Kirstie Mitchell. I truly love artists like this who encourage a deeper meaning to their work and build their own sets, props and costuming. Kirstie does just that, not only is she a photographer but she created the massive headdress and ethnic necklace herself. She is currently Inspired by tribal cultures, specifically the Tibetan culture.

This behind the scenes video depicts how a model is transformed into Gaia, the Greek equivalent to ‘Mother Earth’. I was so moved by the clip that is 3 minutes into the video because it showed that it was more than just a ‘making of’ process, Kirstie brought a Goddess to life enveloped in a magnitude of emotions. This entire project is so inspiring to me as an Artist and Tribal Dancer and I am just so lost for words. All I can say is….Breath taking.

To view more of Kirstie’s work & read her blog click here.

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